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John Smith of Birnam Wood
John Smith’s Diary
John Smith’s Letters
John Smith of Baulkham Hills
John Smith’s Will
Robert Smith
Robert Smith’s Will
James Elder
Samuel Bate

Jack & Eliza Bate
How I found my Convicts
Captain John H Lister
A Voyage with Captain Lister
The Daring Smith Boys
Charles Harpur the poet
Sydney Long the artist
Leo Oscar Steveni

Your Australian Grannies:

Jane Langley
Ann Halfpenny
Mary Geer
Henrietta Shewing
Susanna Fletcher
Elizabeth Tebbutt
Sophia Isabella Norris
Mary Harley
Sarah Gordon
Susanna Pymble
Matilda Eleanor King
Agnes McKee
Louisa Vallce Brairley

Emma Maria Doyle
Caroline Smith
Sarah Ann Pickering
Elizabeth Lister
Isabella Armour
Susanna Chapman
Anna Cox
Laura Richards
Rebecca White
Ellen Gertrude Bate
Emma Amy Susanna Smith
Adele Florence Wells
Laurie Chapman Chauncy
Elsie Isabel Davis

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There were the Scots who kept the Sabbath and everything else they could lay their hands on.

Then there were the Welsh who prayed on their knees and their neighbours.

Thirdly there were the Irish who never knew what they wanted but were willing to fight for it anyway.

Lastly there were the English who considered themselves a self-made nation, thus relieving the Almighty of a dreadful responsibility.

— Anon

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