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John Smith of Birnam Wood
Diary 1853
Transcribed by Margaret Hardwick, 1996.
Digital version by Stephen Crawshaw, 2008.

Janry 1st Ther up to 104 a Cool breeze in the Evening I have not recovered the effects of the Influenza am very weak (?) with a severe pain in my side My face is still covered with blotches this weather has wasted one half of the Grapes and if it Continues another week they will all be destroyed Received a Letter from Mrs Smith on the 29th Ulto.
2nd Very Hot a Cool breeze Commenced at 10 oclock at Night Ther up 105, Sun Set 99. The weather is dreadful The Ther has averaged upwards of a Hundred for the Past Nine days a circumstance I believe unprecedented in the annals of N.S.Wales. Hurricane Evening
3rd Very Hot Ther 106 a Cool breeze in the Evening Mr R Hobden Called on business. Sent a Cheque drawn in my favour by Andw for £29 to the Bank of Australasia Maitland by Post
4th Not So Hot Ther 91 Sent the dray to Singleton with 13 Bags of Walters Wheat returned empty Mr R Hobden here on business Andw went to Singleton the Sheep and Shepherd out till 12 oclock at Night the fellow got too much Grog Somewhere Hired a Man of the name of George Aimer as a Shepherd for Six Months. Wages at the rate of £24 per annum
5th Thr 92 a Cool Breeze in the Evening from S. E. a Strange Man brought Home Campbells Flock about 4 oclock P M the vagabond Shepherd is drinking at the House of Blazes. My health is very indifferent I suffer Much from a Pain in My right Side, am unable to do any business
6th Cool most of the day The dray went to Singleton with 13 Bags of Wheat and returned with 7 Bags of Flour & 5 of Bran Andw returned and Andw McDougall that fellow Campbell still drinking. Hot to mind the Sheep from 11 ocloc
7th Hot and Sultry Ther up tp 92. Paddy Drinking I wish the Devil had the Rum, Campbell came Home
8th Cool & pleasant all day. Edmund Doyle here part of the day Paddy away drinking
9th A Small Shower before breakfast Commenced blowing about 9 oclock and blew a Complete Storm the whole day the dust rose in Clouds wind from the west. Edmund Doyle here
10th Dreadful wind and dust the whole day Loading the dray with wool Andw & Thos McDougall and remained all Night. The Shepherd I hired on the 4th walked off Some time during the Night, I have taken several doses of Holloways Pills and rubed My Side with His Ointment and find relief from the application I am now able to See to business
11th Fine Cool day My dray started to Maitland with 15 Bales of Wool 12 of mine and 3 of Andws Patrick Mulholland driving the Bullocks. Andw Started for Maitland also very Cold for this time of the last Night and this morning
12th Moderately warm until Evening when a Cool breeze Set in from the S. E. blew a stiff breeze all Night and rather Cold a lot of Ewes and Lambs got mixed with the wether Flock. trying to mend the Rooms and Clean the Walls a little
13th Commenced Raining about Sun rise and Rained lightly till 12 oclock when it Rained heavy and Constant all the afternoon and all Night, Campbell Came after night fall having lost the whole of His Flock and the Night was so exceedingly dark and wet that we could not go to any distance to seek for them
14 Same Showers during the day, that scoundrel Campbell found the Flock in the Morning and lost a portion of them during the day 381 out all Night
15th Rained heavily and without intermission the Whole day. Campbell found the most of the missing Sheep 5 of them bitten. Jarvises Dogs Killed several of the Ewe Flock on my flat 5 we found dead and 24 Severely bitten how many more of the Flock are destroy we cannot tell as a considerable number for them were driven away and are not yet found Jarvis’s dogs drove Some of the Sheep almost to the River and were biting them and Killing them Three dogs belonging to Jarvis were destroying the Sheep Two of the dogs we Killed whilst in the act of Killing the Sheep the Third a Small black one escaped. John Bowen or as He is called billy Barlow, a Shepherd who absconded from my employ two years ago Came for a box He left behind Him. The Rain made the Creek run Strong
16th Fine warm day two more of the Sheep died Jarvises dogs bit F & W Doyle Dined with us Some of the Sheep found by Campbell. Received a letter from Mrs Smith and am Sorry to add the News in it is any thing but Cheering
17th Very Hot Ther. 98 a good many Thunder Clouds about a great number of Grass Hoppers on the Flat. Andw & Alexl McDougall here and remained all Night
18th Very Hot Ther 99. Still hunting for lost Sheep, but with very little success Jarvis Dogs scattered them
19th Very Close and Sultry tho Cloudy most of the day found 18 more of the lost Sheep one of them bitten by Native Dogs
20th Cloudy nearly all day. A Cool breeze from the S. E. in the Evening. Strange that my dray has not yet returned. Sandy the black Boy came and requested to be allowed to mind Sheep Mr Alcorn turned Him about his business for (as He Says) hunting opossams at night without leave
21st Cloudy and Cool all day My dray returned from Maitland through Singleton Singleton [sic] and brought 11 Bags of Flour 1992 lbs besides the Goods purchased at Maitland weighing not less than 11 or 12 cwts. Mr R Howe & Mr Dargin Called Mr Howe says Andw Sold the Wool at 141 p per lbs and half the wool Packs returned
22nd Cool and pleasant Andw returned from Maitland have not found any more of the Sheep
23rd Hot till Evening when a Cool Breeze Set in from the S. E. Early in the morning almost like a morning in Autumn Ther up to 90 Fred & Willie Doyle Spent part of the day with us.
24th Hot Ter up to 92 in the Shade and 132 in the Sun Received two Letters from Mrs Smith who is now in Sydney their Contents are anything but Cheering My poor Girl is Suffering much in Mind. Leslie returned Singleton Andw was at Jerrys Plains and was told that His Uncle James is not expected to live. The dray Started for Singleton
25th Hot Ther 92 Cool breeze in the Evening Andw went to Singleton on His way to Maitland to bring up His Mother, Sister, & Family, bought a Fat Cow from Mr R Hobden for £1 "10 "0 She turned out very fat. Made about 20 Gallons of Wine The dray returned bringing the remainder of My Flour and Bran also What was left of Walters Flour
26th Hot Ther 91 a good deal of Thunder & Lightning in the Evening but no Rain
27th Close and Sultry but not very Hot, a Cool breeze in the Evening. We are getting on well with the repairs of the House
28th Very Hot Ther 97 a Strong wind Set in from the S E in the Evening which Cooled the Air
29 Cool & Cloudy. Received two Letters from Walter, Stating His Mother was lying very Ill at the Royal Hotel with inflammation of the Liver Dr Stalwarthy attending Her. Immediately wrote to Messrs Shepherd and Algir enclosing a Letter and Cheque for £10 requesting them to give them to Mrs Smith as soon as possible after receiving them. Leslie went to Singleton to Post the Letters.
30 Hot
31st The Same

Feby 1st Very Hot Leslie returned from Singleton I have a lonely life of it
2nd Very Hot Ther 102 Hot wind from the west
3 Hot. Andw returned from Maitland
4th Still Hot
5 Hot, A Thunder Storm in the Evening The Thunder and Lightning was Awful a Shower of Hail and a very Shower of Rain
6 Fine Cool my Sister Spent most of the day with us
7th Hot, Leslie returned from Singleton. Windy all Night
8 Not so Hot as yesterday. The Birds very troublesome in Vineyard Shot 21 or 22 without any visible effect
9th Very hot and not a breath of Wind Ther 95 Miss Gagginn and Her Brother Spent the afternoon with us. Leslie Shot 3 fine black Ducks at One Shot yesterday a thunder Storm and fine Shower in the Night.
10th Not very Hot a Strong breeze Set in from the South in the Evening and Continued all Night Andw & Leslie went away, in fact they are Seldom at Home I am well used by them. Robinson Crusoe#8217;s life was preferable to Mine. Hired a Man of the Name of Kelly for a Fortnight to assist with wine making &c &c paying Him 15 shillings per week
11th Weather the Same as only not so much wind in the Evening. Received aLetter from Miss E McDougall informimg me that Mrs Smith is Still Ill and Mrs Dight no better than She was
12th Moderately warm in the forenoon, a Thunder Storm and a heavy Shower in the Afternoon, Sold 455lbs of Grapes to Mr Alcorn at I & half pence per lb Andw went to Singleton, Sent B Singleton a Cheque for £13 "0 for Grinding and £1 "1 "7 I Stoped for 13 Bags not returned Made my Grinding out £14 "1 "7
13th Hot Ther 90 Fred Doyle with us most of the day Paddy Came for His Mare and Says that He and his Brother will Commence work in about a week
14 Moderately warrn, Mr J Cooper Called Leslie went to Singleton Sold 240 lbs of Grapes to a woman
                                                        an out
Who keeps a Shop at the Queen, Nine shillings dece me
15 Warm and windy
16th The Same
17th The Same
18th Heard the melancholy inteligence of the death of my much loved Daughter Mrs Dight poor dear Girl Her end was primatisn and unhappy
19th Hot and windy
20th The Same
21st The Same, Andw Started to bring Home His Mother
22d Cool & pleasant had 21 shillings, taken out of my dressing Case Miss Gaggin & brother here
23 Weather the Same.
24th Hot Ther 94 Leslie went to Singleton
25th Hot Ther 95 Leslie did not return a nice little Thunder Shower during the Night
26th Hot in the forenoon Cloudy and Thunder Afternoon. Sophia McDougall Walter and Leslie Came up, Commenced Raining in the Evening and Rained heavily all Night
27th Several Showers during the day. yesterday I was very Ill and there was no One on the Farm besides my self
28th Cool a little Rain early in the forenoon Mr & Mrs E Doyle here for a few hours. Miss McDougall and Leslie Stared for Singleton Mr C Gaggin Called

March 1st Hot and remarkably Sultry. Mrs Smith returned after an absence of five months and Nineteen days My Sister here and remained all Night Andw & Leslie retumed also Mrs S very unwell
2nd Very Windy and moderately warm
3 Cold wind all day Some Rain last Night Walter & Sandy went to Singleton and took the Cart for the purpose of bringing up Mrs Smith's Box &c &c
4th Cold wind, Walter and Sandy returned from Singleton, Commeced Thrashing Wheat. My health anything but good
5th Moderately warm, Revd Mr Cooper & Mrs Cooper Cooper Spent part of the day with us. Mrs S. Still very Ill
6th Fine day, rather Hot, Mrs S Still very Ill Leslie went for the doctor Andw went to Singleton to bring up One of Cousins, Mrs Harpur here My Sister here and remained all Night, The doctor Could not Come up but Sent Some Medicine
7th Hot, My Sister went home Sophy McDougall Came up to stay with Mrs S for a week Mr Parnell here on business
8th Cool & Cloudy. The Revd Mr White here Mrs & Mr G P Bowman here and Spent most of the afternoon with us. Walter went to Singleton to endeavour to see Dr Glennie and bring Him up as His Mother is Still very Ill
9th Cloudy, Commenced raining in the Evening and rained without ceasing all Night, a great deal of rain fell, Leslie went to Singleton to bring up a Servant Girl Mrs S no better
10th Raining the whole Day
11th Rained heavily all Night, left off Raining about Sun rise Doctor Glennie here Walter went to Singleton for Medicine
12th Very Sultry and hot in the afternoon dark Clouds rising in the west about Sun Set. Mrs Still very Ill. Hired Campbell the Shepherd for an ====== three months Walter returned with Medicine
13th Rained a good deal last Night and this Morning before Sun rise, the day Cloudy and threatening Rain Mrs S. Still very Ill
14th Cloudy forenoon Afternoon Clear & Hot
15th Very Close, with Some Showers of Rain, Campbell the the Shepherd absconded Some time last Night after drawing a pair of Boots out of the Store on acct- a reward of One pound five shillings for His Capture Walter Started for Maitland & New Castle
16 Weather the Same as yesterday Andw returned with a Warrant for the apprehension of Campbell and gave it to Lewis the Constable
17th Weather the Same
18th Warm until about 4 oclock A M When it became Cloudy, Thundered at a distance and Rained a little Cyrus McDougall here Andw took Sophy Mcd Home, Fanny Doyle Came to Stay awhile with Her Aunt, bought down by Her Father Mrs S getting a little better Sent a Five pound Cheque to Bank of Australasia Sydney, Cheque drawn by Capt Russell
19th Very fine day, Mr & Mrs Andw McDougall here, Walter returned from Maitland did not go to New Castle
20th Weather the Same as yesterday, Leslie went to Singleton
21st The Same. Mr & Mrs McDougall went Home Mr C Harpur here Leslie returned from Singleton
22d Very fine, Commenced Cleaning Wheat Mr R Hobden here on business Andw returned
23d Weather the Same. Cleaned 48 & half Bushels of Wheat Mr Parnell Sent for the Ton & Half of Flour I Sold Him Lewis the Constable apprehended Campbell my Shepherd at the Bulgoa driving a Flock of Sheep the property of Mr Cheeke towards Sydney
24th The Same Andw went to Singleton to endeavour to get the Magistrates to allow Campbell to return without punishment. Sent a Letter to the Bank of Australasia Sydney enclosing a Cheque drawn in my favour by the Executors of the Estate of the late Mr Holden for £10 "10 "0 One £5 Note B of N S Wales Melbourne One Ditto Union Bank Geelong My Sister here the best part of the day
25th The Same Andw returned bringing Campbell with Him, Who has agreed to serve for 6th Months as a Shepherd
26th Hot, Some Thunder in the Evening. Mrs S, Walter & I went to Singleton
27th Hot, Some Thunder and a little Rain in the Evening went to church (the Espiscopalian) and heard a most wretched Sermon One of the Worst I ever heard
28th Moderately warm, returned from Singleton Some Thunder a few Spots of Rain in the Evening Andw McDougall Came up with us
29th Very Close & Sultry, bought a Fat Cow from Mr R Hobden, A McD returned and Leslie accompanied Him
30th Cloudy most of the day. Mrs Harpur and Miss Doyle here Leslie returned from Singleton
31st Rather warm in the forenoon Afternoon Cloudy and two Small Showers. Mrs Harpur went Home.

April 1st Cloudy and Some light Showers, Isabella Doyle went Home Mr R Hobden here on business
2 Very fine Calm day Andw & Leslie Started for the Bundarra River, to bring down fat Cattle.
3 Cloudy, a Shower in the Evening Sandy ====== lost the whole Flock of Sheep and did not Come Home till after Nightfall. Fred Doyle here most of the day
4 Cloudy and Some Showers. he Sheep was picked up by Mr Hobdens Shepherd and we had a Six Hours job in parting them. Hired a Man of the Name of Pitman Who Commenced work this day
5th Cloudy, Cleaned 42B & 40lbs of Wheat delivered 10 Bushels of Wheat and Five Hundred & seven lbs of Flour that I had Sold to a Man of the Name of Pearce Power
                               in Ten Bags
6th Cloudy. Sent 321 ^ bushels of Wheat to Singleton Walter & black Sandy went to Singleton also to bring up 15 Rams I bought from Mr A McDougall Mrs S very Ill for the last two days My Sister Came and remained all Night Sandy McDougall brought Home the Horse & Harness Mr & Mrs Cooper Called
7th Tis dry fine warm day My Sister went home
8 The Same Mrs Harpur here and spent the day Sent Pittman to Mr McDougall's for Rams
9th Very Sultry Some Thunder & a Shower of Rain towards Evening Pittman returned from Singleton bringing the Fifteen Rams I bought from Mr A McDougall for the sum of Ten Pounds. put the Rams to the Ewes
10th Cloudy and very Sultry, went to Church at the Cock and heard a very excellent Sermon from the Revd Mr Cooper. Forgot to mention that the Shepherd found within Sight of the House, a large dark colored Dingo we had Poisoned two Nights prior to finding Him Dog found one on the 8th Inst-
11th Cloudy most of the day. Mrs S. went to Singleton to See the Doctor Walter drove her down, Sent the dray with 8 Bags of Wheat 25B-14lbs to be Ground at Mr Kingstons Mill — Cleaning Wheat
12 A good deal of Thunder Lightning & Rain in the forenoon Same Rain and a deal of wind Afternoon My dray returned at 8 oclock at Night good not get any wheat ground, brought 14 Vols Hoggs Instruction I bought from Mr Jerimah Moone Sydney voilent wind in the Night
13th Clear, windy all day Mr W Hobden found about a Hundred of My Sheep (Sandys Flock) and was Kind enough to Call and let me Know
14th Very Warm, found Campbell had left out 87 Sheep Walter and Sandy went to seek them, and found 4 alive and one dead, I was with the Ewe Flock and picked up upwards of 30 Some of them a good deal bitten Mr Hobdens Shepherd found Some also
15th Warm and rather Windy found all the Sheep but Four, Commenced ploughing for Wheat
16th Fine Clear warm day, broke the foot of the Plough
17th Cloudy nearly all day, The black boy has not returned from Jerrys Plains. I gave Him leave to go on Friday Night to See the Serenades perform I suppose He has gone off with them.
18th Warm, Sent the dray to Singleton for Flour The dray took to the Mill 228 33lbs of very fine Wheat
19th Fine and warm, Walter went to Singleton for a Warrant for black Sandy who I hear has gone with the Circus= People. Mr Parnell Called also Andw & Fred Doyle, The dray returned but brought no Flour something wrong about the Mill Pumps, brought a Billy Goat from Mr J McDougall
20th Weather the Same, finished Thrashing yesterday Mrs Harpur here for a Short time
21st Warm, Finished Cleaning Wheat and found I had 150 Bushels
22nd Weather the Same, The ground is getting very hard I fear we will have to leave off Ploughing
23rd Warm and Clear, Mrs Doyle, Isabella, Andw, Mr & Mrs Harpur dined here. Mr & Mrs Harpur were on their way to the Farm that was formerly Mrs Wisemans, where they intend to reside
24th Weather the Same. Campbell lost the whole Flock of Sheep, it appears the Schoolmaster of the Cock Graham Fighter persuaded Him to take the Sheep to His Schoolyard for the purpose of eating the weeds, The Consquence was the fellow got drunk & lost the Sheep, I was looking for them on Foot till 11 oclock at Night.
25th Warm, found all the Sheep to Seven 3 of them severily bitten by dingoes. My Sister and Isabella went Home Mr & Mrs Cooper Called.
26th Cloudy and Some Rain. Walter went to Singleton to bring up my Grand Children, found 2 out of the Seven Sheep
27th Fine Clear day, Walter returned without bringing My Grand Chidren it appears Mr Mckay who is their guardian wrote to Mrs Dight to Keep the Children at Richmond until She heard from Him again the dray went to Singleton with Seven Bags Containing 21 B 41 lbs Bushels of Wheat
28th Fine, The dray returned from Singleton bringing 600 lbs of Fine and 1027 lbs of Second Flour from the Mill, Hired a Man of the Name of Thomas Carrol as a Shepherd for a fortnight Wages 10 shillings per week,
29th Very Sharp Frost this morning. The day very Fine found on Counting the Ewe Flock to Carrol this Morning that 187 of them had been left out, I was looking for them most of the day but without finding any dead or alive. Walter went to to Imverniun (?) on business with Mr F Little James McD here
30th Sharp Frost. The day fine and Clear, found all the Sheep and Singular, none of them bitten tho out two Nights Walter returned ======== The dray returned with Flour from Singleton Willie Doyle here and remained all Night. A Comet Seen to Night for about two Hours before going below the Horizon it was bright with a tail of Considerable lengeth it appeared a little South of West and its velocity great.
31st Frost, The day Cloudy a good deal of Thunder & Lightning in the Evening and a few drops of Rain The Night was too Cloudy to see the Comet

May 1st Cloudy and Cold, The Dogs are all sick with Influenza
2nd Fine and Clear with a good of wind went to a Sale at Dulwich bought a Harrow 2 German Hacs and two three pronged Pitch Forks
3rd Fine and Clear, returned from Dulwich
4th Weather the Same Andw & Leslie returned from the Bundarra bringing 141 Head of Cattle Walter went to Singleton Mr Robt Hobden took One Flock of my Sheep off Land He had no Claim to and Threatened to impound them
5th Rather Cloudy, Sandy McDougall came to Spend a few days with us Leslie went to Singleton Mr Hobden Called on business — wrote to Mr Broughton making an offer for His Land
6th Clear, Sandy McD Mrs & Theo Cooper dined with us. Sent the dray to Singleton with Wheat and to bring up Flour & Bran. Sent 3200 lbs of Walters Flour to Morpeth by Giles, for the purpose of being Sent to Sydney and Sold, by Mr Mort
7th Rather Cloudy, Thunder & Lightning in the Evening a few drops of Rain Mr, Mrs F Doyle and James McDougall at B Wood also a Mr Anderson. Walter started for Morpeth to see about Some Cases of Property of Mine that aught to be in the Store at that place
8th Cloudy. Mrs S went to Singleton Andw & Leslie Started with the fat Cattle for Maitland, Isabella Doyle and two of Her Brothers here for a Short time yesterday a valuable Stock Dog Crate Died and to day One ofthe best Sheep Dogs I ever saw ( Shepherd ) Clear, and moderately warm, Mr E Doyle & Willie Doyle dined with me
10th Warm, Mrs Sreturned from Singleton accompanied by James McDougall who returned in my Gig
11th Cloudy and rainy looking but none fell Mr & Mrs Andw Doyle dined with us. Frost this Morning
12th Warm and Clear, frost in the Morning
13th Warm, My Sister & Son Called also Revd Mr Cooper & Son likewise Mr & Mrs G P Bowman. Carrol gave up the Ewe Flock having herded them a fortnight anoying to a grumint. I am Shepherd to day
14th Forenoon warm Afternoon Stormy with distant Thunder. Leslie returned from Maitland Sold the Cattle at auction they only realized 38 shillings per Head My working Bullocks have left the Run I fear they have gone to Saltwater Creek. Shower of Rain
15th Windy theWhole Day. Working Bullocks went away on Friday Night and we cannot find them Still herding Sheep
16th Not so much wind as yesterday. Andw McDougall brought Home the Horse and Gig Revd Mr Cooper and his son Called
17th Fine Calm day, Andw returned from New Castle very Ill from Influenza. Mr Theo Cooper Isabella & A Doyle here, Frost this Morning Saw Mr R Hetherington in the bush He promised to Call in the Morning
18th Fine. Walter returned from Sydney where he had to go to See for property which my agent Said He Sent to Morpeth, but which he never sent as the goods were found in the Stores at Sydney, The fellows might put me to £7 expense Frost this morning Mr Richard Hetherington breakfasted with us He was on His way to Maitland with Sheep
19th Frost, the day Warm. Seperating Andws Sheep in the forenoon and Evening
20th Frost & thick fog. Pittman took 377, of Andws Sheep to Singleton, I was Shepherding 1 as usual Received a Letter from John, I am glad to 378 add they are doing well Robt Doyle is with them
21st Sharp Frost. the day warm. wrote to Messrs Gilchrist (?) and Alexander to know what Rent they will take for Maryville. Pittman returned after delivering the Sheep to Andw McDougall there was one more than we counted making the number 378
22nd Cloudy most of the day, a Small Shower Afternoon We are all Ill from the effects of Influenza
23rd Thick Fog. James Doyle and His brother Edmund here they have just returned from the Diggings. We are all very Ill
24th Cloudy. Still continue Ill
25th Cloudy and Some Rain Andw went to Singleton we were all so Ill that Pittman took out the Sheep on Monday Morning, Neither He nor the Sheep Came Home this Evening I suppose the day being Cloudy and Rainy in the afternoon He got astray and unluckily we are all too Ill to look for Him
26th Cloudy no Rain, Pittman brought the Sheep Home He was out all Night, the Rain prevented the Sheep from traveling Andw returned from Singleton
27th Same Rain the day Cold. Mrs S & I Still very Ill Andw Walter & Leslie are getting better, Leslie is Still bad.
28th Very windy and Cold, Andw Doyle James and Edmund Called Still suffering severely from Influenza
29th Very Windy and Cold Doctor Glennie here also Andw & James Doyle
30 Weather the Same Mrs S & I laid up with the Influenza
31st The Same Mr Thos Cooper Called Leslie went to Singleton

June 1st Very windy and Cold Some Rain in the Evening Thos Cooper Came here and remained all Night Leslie returned from Singleton
2nd Very Frosty, not So much wind as yesterday Andw went to Singleton. Still very Ill Wrote to Mr Mort about the Flour I Sent for Him to Sell about a month ago and which I have not heard of
3rd Weather the Same, Leslie went to See if the Articles I bought at Dulwich were safe, found all right am sorry to hear that Mrs John Doyle is very Ill, Mr John Howe is very Ill also
4th Very Severe Frost, found Pittman had left out 110 Sheep found the Sheep all right Walter and pittman brought the Harrow & Hoes I brought at Dulwich. Pittman left His time being out
5th Weather the Same, We, are begining to mend, the Cough has not abated much but our health is better
6th Cloudy and Cold most of the day
7 Warm beautiful day
8th Weather the Same. A & J Doyle Called
9th The Same. Revd Mr Mrs Cooper & Blackwood Called. Andw & Walter went to the Saw Pit and brought Home Some Flooring Boards and Some 5 eights Boards, Frost this Morning
10th Sharp Frost, Mrs S & Andw went to Jerrys Plains
11th Light Rain all day Commenced Raining heavily in the Evening and Continued all Night Hired a Man (John Jones) as a Shepherd for 3 Months To commence from tomorrow the 12th
12th Constant heavy Rain all Day and most of the Night
13th Rain all day and Night. The Ground is very wet and the Creek running
14th Rained thick and fast in the forenoon afternoon Showery. Showery all Night
15th Showers in the forenoon, No Rain afternoon Leslie went to Jerrys Plains
16 Fine but Cold J & W Doyle dined with us Andw and Walter went to Singleton. River rising
17th Fine & very Cold plenty of wind The Shepherd Jarvis left out upwards of 300 Sheep part of driven Home early in the Night by Dingoes found one Killed and two bitten
18 Tremendous wind all Night. Found all the Sheep but 7. Walter returned from Singleton, Leslie went to Jerrys Plains. The Shepherd Jarvis is either sick or pretends to be sick. I herded the Sheep
19 Fine, wind Cold. Andw returned from Singleton Leslie went to Jerrys Plains. Jarvis the Shepherd sick Walter herded the Sheep
20th Fine Cold wind from the west, Discharged Jarvis, the fellow stated He required to go to Hospital Andw went to Jerrys Plains, the water falling Slowly
21st Very Severe Frost this Morning day fine. Mrs E Doyle Andw & wife dined with us. Walter looking for working Bullocks but without success. Andw went to Singleton. Commenced Pruning Vines
22nd Severe Frost. Walter and Leslie looking for the working Bullocks, Hired a Shepherd of the Name of Patrick Millar, Who took a Flock to day. Andw returned from Singleton bringing Sophy McDougall with Him. Brought a little Female Sheep Dog for which I paid £1-0-0
25th Very Severe Frost Mr & Mrs Cooper Called and dined with. Giles arrived with the Cases &c &c Which Came from Melbourne five months Since, Four of my working bullocks brought Home by K Masons Boy. The two Water Bullocks Still absent.
24th Cloudy the best part of the day. a good deal of wind and very Cold. The Revd Mr Rively Called and remained all Night
25th Cold and Cloudy a liitle Rain Mr Rively proceeded on His journey overland to Sydney
26th Weather the Same. The Shepherd Millar went away in the Night.
27th Several Showers. Shepherding to day While the Shepherd is repairing His Hut
28 Fine in the Forenoon Afternoon a good deal of Rain, Shepherding to day and very much annoyed with rheumatism
29th Very Windy and Cold, a complete Hurricane all Night from the west. Forgot that Sophy McDougall, Andw & Leslie went to Singleton yesterday
30th Cold Wind all day Andw & Leslie returned from Singleton Andw & W Doyle with us. My Sister here and remained all Night. Some of the Sheep Dying from the effects of Grape Seed

July 1st Weather the Same very Cold Andw Sold 110 Wethers to Andw Doyle 2nd Fine and Calm, Settled with the Shoemaker Samuel Litler and paid Him in full viz- £5-0-0 it appears that Watts the Publican at the Cock persuaded Him to quit my employ
3rd Frost, the old Shoemaker left My Sister went Home, the forenoon of this day. Cloudy and Cold
4th Sharp Fost. Sent My Horse and Cart to Singleton for Bran Mr A Doyle's Man Bayley driving Mr A Doyle Called
5th The Same, Mason brought Home my Stray Shaft Bullocks James Doyle Came down in the Evening, A good many Ewes Lambing, much out of time. Poisoned three Eagle Hawks
6th Very Severe Frost. James Doyle went Home
7th Very Severe Frost Mrs S & Andw went to Jerrys Plains Fanny Doyle Came to B Wood with them
8th Frost The day unusally warm for the Season Mr S. Dight Mrs G Dight & Miss Howe dined with us. Walter minding Sheep
9th Weather the same, Leslie lodt about 200 Sheep
10th A Shower before day break most of the day rainy found all the Sheep but 24 Andw & Fred Doyle Called. I was Shepherd all day
11th Much Rain during the Night Fred Doyle found 20 of my lost Sheep as He was proceeding Homewards this Morning, Rained nearly all day Leslie with the Sheep
12th Fine, Walter went to Singleton gave Him £2-5-0 to pay Lesley for Medicine &c &c
13th Cloudy and a few drops of Rain in the Morning early the rest of the day fine A Mr Wright breakfasted with us, He was traveling with a flock of fat Wethers. Walter returned
14th The Same, Campbell away drinking, (minding the) Sheep part of the day. Campbell met me in the Bush and took the Flock, Walter with the Ewe Flock
15th Fine Sunshiny day, Leslie had Sore Feet I was Shepherd, Andw went to Maitland, Sent £12 with Him to place in the Bank
16th Fine, Walter minding Sheep, Campbell went to the Cock Inn after putting in His Sheep
17th Frost, very Windy all day the Shepherd, returned
18th A very Windy day Andw returned, He did not go to Maitland J & F Doyle here at Dinner & Tea
19th Frost the high Wind Still Continues, Isabella Doyle Came to Spend a few days with us - Hired Pittman for two months to Commence from the
20th The Dog Killed one of my best Ewes within a few yards of the Mens Hut before we went to bed Black Bird the Leading Bullock got out of the Paddock and went away
20th Very Windy. Walter went to Singleton Andw looking for His Horse to day and yesterday but Could not find
21st Windy and warm most of the day. Campbell lost the Whole Flock. The Sheep Came Home just before dusk. Mr F. Gaggin Called and remained all Night
22nd A good deal of Rain. Campbell was Short 2 of the number of Sheep Leslie lost upwards of a hunred Sheep, Mr Gaggin left
23rd Fine found all the Sheep but 17 Three we found Killed by Dingoes, I was minding Sheep to day Walter hired a Shepherd. John Mitchel who found His way to B Wood in the afternoon. Lufra poisoned
24th A little Rain during the day but only at intervels a good. Mitchel Commenced minding Sheep
25th Cloudy most of the day. The Dingoes have taken a great deal of Poisoned Meat we have not yet found any of them Dead Leslie went to Singleton
26th Cloudy nearly all day a Shower about 3 oclock in the after noon Campbell left out 12 of My Rams 1 wither and 19 Rams He was minding for Mr Doyle
27th Warm for the Season, found the missing Sheep on Duffs Hill all safe. Sowed 24 Acres of Ground for a crop of Hay
28th Warm, the River up pretty high, Sandy McDougall here Seeking Stray Working Bullocks Finished Harrowing the Seed Sowed for Hay
29th Thick Fog this Morning and yesterday morning The day Warm. Sandy went to Seek His Bullocks and Leslie accompanied Him, found One Dingo Poisoned, Marked 15 wethers for Walter & 30 for Leslie
30 Frost day wann, From various Causes I omitted to State that on the 25th Inst I received a Letter from Mr Thos Elder informing me of the Death of My dear Brother Andew Who died on the 12th Inst ========== at Molong on His Way to Bathurst from the Gold Diggings at Burrandong. Mr Griffith Called
31st Fine and rather Windy Quantrill Impounded My Wether Flock, and Mr E Doyle impounded them from Him Mr Griffith went on His way to Jiksdale(?) Mr Allwarthy Called, wrote to Mr Jn Macpillamy

August 1st The day fine released the Sheep Ill all day from Sick Head ache Mrs S & Andw went Singleton yesterday my dray went this Morning
2nd Very fine a good deal od Wind. My dray did not return from Singleton as expected
3rd Very hard Frost day warm, The Dray returned in the Evening Mrs S & Andw returned also neither Shepherd drove Flock Came Home this Evening
4th Frost and plenty of wind from the west. Mitchel brought Home the Sheep all night. Campbells Flock mixed with Mr Hobdens, bought 5 cwts Hay from Mr Hobden 5 shillings per Cwt Andw & Edd Doyle here
5th Frost, Cloudy Cold and windy all Day and Night Sent to Mr Hobdens for the Hay
6th Fine warm day. Mr S Dight here and took away upwards of a Thousand Vine Cuttings
7th Sharp Frost day warm
8th Remarkably hard Frost, part of the day, warm most of afternoon bleak & Cold, Some Rain in the Night.
9th Very Cold and bleak two or three Showers, a Smart Shower in the Night Andw Doyle Called
1Oth Some Showers, Leslie went to Singleton Afternoon wrote to Mr Rishworth (?) to Sell Walters Flour if possible
11th Rained nearly all Night, the day Cloudy Leslie returned from Singleton
12th Very fine and warm, Andw Doyle Called. The Mimosa Tree in the Vineyard in full blossom
13th The Same Andw & Walter went to Singleton
14th The Same Andw returned from Singleton
15th Warm and a good many Thunder Clouds in the Air Cold breeze and Cloudy towards Evening Andw Sold John's draft Colt to R Alcorn for f£0-
16th Cold and Cloudy Andw Walter & Leslie Branding and Cutting Colts Fred Doyle here and remained all Night
17th Fine, Tho Cloudy, till Afternoon When the Clouds Cleared away Andw went to Singleton
18th Clear, very Cold Wind from the west. Revd Mr White Called and remained the Night with us.
19th Hard Frost, The day beautiful Mrs S & Leslie went to Singleton also Mr White
20th Hard Frost. the day the same as yesterday, Received an answer to my Letter to Mr Macphillamy
21st Frost the day as yesterday Mrs S & Leslie returned
22nd Weather the Same only a good deal of wind Hired Ledger for a Month at 12 shillings per week
23rd No Frost this morning the day warrn, little wind from the west
24th Frost, my boys went to the Races
25th Frost, the day fine and Still, Ledger bolted
26th Frost, Day the Same as yesterday.
27th Frost, day as yesterday, My People returned from the Races, Edmund & Fred Doyle with them, I was in the bush Shewing the Shepherd the Run
28th Clear & fine most of the day Some Clouds towards Evening Andw went to Singleton
29th Cloudy and Cold two or three Small Showers
30th Day fine and warm, Leslie and I went to Singleton
31st Weather the Same returned from Singleton The dray went yesterday and Came as far as Mr A Doyles on its way Home

Sepr 1st weather the Same, the dray returned
2nd The Same, Mr Edmund Doyle here and very unwell
3 Cloudy part of the day. Mrs S went to See Mrs Chas Harpur Who is very Ill. very thick Fog this Morning Revd Mr Cooper Called
4th Very fine, A Horse Walter was Riding fell with Him and unfortunately broke the point of the Elbow He was looking for a Horse of Andw McDougall, Andw McDougall Came up
5th Smart frost the day fine, Andw went for Dr Glennie Who bandaged Walters Arm. Mr E Doyle went Home
6th Very Windy and rather Cold Andw Doyle Called His Sister Mary Still vey Ill, Walter received a Letter from Cyrus and Andw one from John, All well
7 Fine, and warm, not so much wind as yesterday
8th Cloudy & Threatening Rain, Walter very Ill all Night, A Dingo Close to the Lamb pen a few yards from the Men's House Could not make the Dogs See Him. Andw Started for the Bundarra River Edmund Doyle went to assist Him, A Complete Storm of wind Afternoon from the West Leslie went for Doctor Glennie. Poisoned some Meat and laid it out in hopes of a Call from the Dingo Ewes Lambing fast
9th Very Windy all Night Mr Dingo did not take the bait, Doctor Glennie Came up with Leslie and took the bandages off Walters Arm
10th Wind tremendous Some Thunder in the Evening the Wind rose to a Complete HurriCane and blew more than half the bark from the Kitchen
11th Wind as high as yesterday Mr & Mrs James Howe Dined with us F Doyle Called, a great many heavy black Clouds rose in the West in the Evening but no Rain fell Dr Glennie Called but Could not do anything to Walters arm until the Swelling is reduced
12th Very little Wind the day moderately Warm. Mr Eastmune here on business. Wrote to Mr John Macpellamy and enclosed a form of Affidavit to be made, by some person who saw My(?) late Brother Andw Dead
13th Sharp Frost, the day warm and not much Wind Leslie Went to Singleton and brought up Sophy McDougall, A number of Ewes forsake their Lambs, owing no doubt to the scarity of Grass, Put out Poisoned Meat for three Nights, but without success Dingo did not Come
14th Frost, the day as yesterday, Ben & Pittman Cutting Timber for Hurdles
15th Cloudy 'till about 9 oclock the rest of the Day very warm for the Season Mr E Parnell Called
16th day as testerday Dr Glennie Called to see Walter
17th A very windy day (from the West) rather Warm
18th Very Windy in the afternoon Leslie took Sophy McDougall Home
19th Weather the Same. the drought is cutting off the little Spting of Grass that appeared Leslie returned. I am unwell
20th The Same, Pittman left having Served the time agreed upon ( very unwell with severe pains in the Head and Inflammation of the left Eye
21st Furious wind all day. My health very little better
22nd Not so windy as yesterday. Andw McDougall here remained all Night Heard of the death of Joshua Cooper
23rd Sharp Frost My Sister and Her Son Andw Called
24th Very Severe Frost, these frosts so late in the Season will I fear injure the Fruit Peoples Cattle very troublesome especially Masons and Baxters. Compelled to Send a number of Cattle to pound belonging to Mason and Baxter
25th Frost but not Severe, yesterday Morning's Frost Injuried the Fruit very much My Eye Still Continues very bad, plenty of wind during the last three Days. Leslie took Walter in the Gig to Singleton. Andw & Edmund Doyle returned from the Bundurra having Sold the Cattle to Mr J Cooper for £77-10
26th Windy all day Mrs Mary Harpur and Messrs A R & W. Doyle Called
27th The day the Same as yesterday Mr E Doyle Called on His way to Singleton
28th Weather the Same Mr E Doyle and Mr John Doyle dined with us
29th Sharp Frost this Morning, Put 140 Hoggets into the weather Flock Mixed the Ewes and Lambs with the dry Ewes
30th Warm and for a wonder free from Wind Mrs S & Andw went to Jerrys Plains yesterday Mrs John Doyle & Isabella Robt andw Edmnd & Fred at B Wood. My Health not good, very unwell to day. Bert, and his Wife made themselves So disagreeable from incessant quarreling that discharged them both

Octor 1st Very Warm and Windy. On the 29th Inst I hired a German Boy for Three Months Wages £5 "0 "0
2d Furious Wind the Whole day, a good deal of Thunder in the Night
3rd Sharp Frost this Moming From the 3rd until the 11th a great deal of Frost and Wind Mrs Smith accommpanied Mrs Doyle to Singleton on the 4th
11th Trenebdous Wind went to Shew the Shepherd Mr Howes boundry but Could not find Him Walter and James McDougall Came up Walter brought two Horses He had bought
12th Very little wind rather Close part of the Afternoon Cloudy and threatening Rain
13th Commenced Rain before day light and Continued with intermission all day and night. This Rain altho too late for most of the crops has been in time to save most of the young Lambs, they were beginnimng to Die for want of Food
14th Blew almost a Gale from the S E all day with a few very light Showers remarkably Cold for the Season
15th Fine and Calm Mrs S & Leslie returned Mr G Bowman & Mrs G P Bowman Spent the Afternoon with us
16th The Weather the Same Isabella D, Her Sister, Brother, and Mr T Pamell Called A Mr McGregor Call in the Evening and remained all Night
17th The Same, Walter lost one of His Horses,
18th A fine Shower after the turn of the Night Walter went to Singleton Leslie found His Mare with a young Foal Andw returned Mrs S very Ill from an attack of Dysentry, The Grass Springing fast. Bought the Old Pony for £9 "0 "0
19th Fine warm day Walter returned but Could not find His Horse Sold His large Horse to Mr Gaggin. Cool sea breeze in the Evening
20th Weather the Same. Fanny Doyle Came to Stay a Short time with Her Aunt
21st Warm Some Thunder and a few drops of Rain Afternoon Leslie went to Singleton
22nd Cloudy nearly all day and very Sultry a few drops of Rain fell about 9 oclock at Night Mr E Doyle Willie Doyle & Sandy McDougall here Leslie returned, I went to Archurpined ? in the Evening Mr Bowman not Home
23rd Commenced Raining moderately during the forenoon Afternoon heavy Rain, Rained all Night, but very heavy towards Morning
24th Rain nearly all day. heavy in the forenoon light in the afternoon. Rained nearly all Night. The weather was very Cold
25th Nearly all Day very little during the Night the weather Still very Cold
26 Rain until about 3 oclock P M. Found upwards of 70 Lambs on my Flat I Suppose the have Been Left behind by a Flock passing up or down the Country
27th Cloudy but fine Sandy McDougall went Home. Walter went to Singleton
28th Fine warm day Cool breeze in the Evening
29th Very hot, Revd Cooper & Mrs Cooper dined with us. Mr G Bowman Spent the afternoon with us. Sold Mr Bowman Two Tons of Flour & Bags for £47 "13 "4, Campbell went to Singleton
30th Hot until Evening When a Cool breeze set in from the S. E. Campbell returned. The Lambs I found turned out to be Capt Russels. The Man took them away this Morning
31st A very light mist for about an hour in the Morning early the rest of the day Cloudy and Threatening Rain

Novr 1st Commenced Raining a little in the forenoon Smart and Constant Rain Afternoon a good deal fell during the Night
2nd Fine altho Cloudy in the forenoon Thunder Shower Afternoon, Mrs C Harpur Her Children and two of her Brothers at B Wood to Dinner Andw & Leslie took Some Mares to Singleton & Mr Dights
3rd A Thunder Storm and Smart Shower in the afternoon, A Thunder Storm and very heavy Shower about 9 oclock at Night. Andw & Leslie returned
4 Fine, Thunder in the Evening but no Rain
5th Fine and warm, delivered the last of two Tons of Flour to Mr Bowmans Sevt Shaw. Mrs S & Andw went to Jerrys Plains
6th Rather hot and Close a good deal of Thunder during the Day, a Thunder Storm and Smart Shower in the Night Mr G Bowman Dined with us, Mrs S. Andw Leslie and Willie Doyle went to Church at the Cockfighter
7th Very Hot & Sultry in the Forenoon Afternoon Cloudy & a little Rain in the Evening. killed a Pig
8th Cloudy in the forenoon, Afternoon Rained heavy & Constant until 10 oclock at Night Mrs C Harpur Isabella Andw & Fred Doyle dined with us. Isabella & Mrs H & Children remained all Night
9th Weather. The Same as yesterday. A Dingoe rushed Campbells flock and bit a Lamb. the River high from the recent Rains
10th Cloudy and a little Rain during the day. The River rising fast
11 Fine and moderately warm. A high Fresh in the River Mrs Harpur children & Sister left B Wood
12th Hot Calm Day, Walter Started for the Hawkesbury Andw took a Mare to Singleton. Grass & Weeds growing very fast
13th Hot, Ther, up to 86 Not a breath of Wind, the River falling fast
14th Hot, Thel up to 88 by two oclock. A deal of Thunder in the afternoon. A Thunder Shower which lasted from 6 till past 9 oclock P M.
15th Cloudy & Cool a Shower about 11 oclock A M. Antonie found and brought Home Walters grey Mare for which He was paid 10 Shillings
16th The day almost Cold particularly in the Evening either the Cold or some other cause is making the Fruit fall off. The Figs are nearly all on the Ground Oranges & Quinces are falling fast
17th The Same as yesterday, last Night almost like Winter a number of Sheep lame caused no doubt by the late Rains, Andw & Fred Doyle Called
18th The Same. two Gentleman of the Name of Ellis and Lee took Lunch with us.
19th Weather the Same Mrs S & Leslie went to Jerrys Plains Andw R & E Doyle here R & E remained all Night Andw Doyle caught a young Dingo on the Road
20th The Same, Mrs & Andw went to Church, Leslie went to Singleton
21st Cloudy and threatening Rain a good deal of distant Thunder. bout a Cow from Mr R Hobden for £2 "10 and Slaughtered it Leslie returned from Singleton
22d Cloudy and a good deal of Thunder and a Sprinkling of Rain in the afternoon Andw & James Doyle here. Andw Doyle brought a Dingo Pup He Caught on the Road, on His way to B Wood this is the second He has Caught and brought here the were Male and Female The River rose again
23d Hot, distant Thunder many times during the day. James Doyle here, lent Him the Horse and Cart to take Home Mrs Harpur and Children, Leslie went to help His Uncle's Edmond's people to wash Sheep
24th Hot Ther up to 82. Some distant Thunder Mrs Harpur Called on Her way Home Robt & F Doyle here at dinner Andw went to Singleton
25th Hot in the forenoon Ther 86 A Thunder Storm in the Afternoon heavy Rain from about 4 oclock until 10 at Night Mr G Bowman spent part of the afternoon with us Andw returned from Singleton Edmond Doyle here
26th Cloudy & Sultry a good deal of Thunder and a few spots of Rain, Andw went to Singleton for Supplies for Shearing Leslie hunting for Sheep washers but without success
27th Cloudy and very Sultry Thunder, many times at a Distance, Lightning and a good deal of Rain during the Night. James and Andw Doyle from Hawkesbury came in the Evening Edmond & Willie Doyle here all Night
28th A good deal of Thunder and a little Rain early in the froenoon, the remainder of the day very Sultry, Andw returned and brought His Aunt Sophy & little Emma up
29th Part of the day Cloudy a good deal of Wind from the West. James & Robt Doyle left Isabella Called very unwell with pain in my Face Andws Mare fell with Him in a hole and Sprained His Ancle very much
30th Hot, Ther up to 86 plenty of Thunder and Lightning in the latter part of the Afternoon a few Spots of Rain the River rose again, Leslie hunting for Shearers without being able to find any

Decr 1st Cool and pleasant. Andw took Mrs McD & Child Home by the CocKighter the Hunter being up Leslie at Glennies Creek Seeking Shearers with Success Cloudy forenoon
2nd ===== Afternoon Hot a little wind Evening
3rd Hot forenoon Ther 86, Thunder and a little Rain afternoon Isabella & Robt Doyle here, old Jack found two Ewes & a Lamb
4th Hot. Ther 90 a great deal of Thunder Lightning and a little Rain afternoon Leslie went to Singleton and returned 35 of the Companies Sheep drowned in Crossing the River on my Farm
5th Extremely Sultry, plenty of Thunder and a few drops of Rain Afternoon Leslie helping to Sheer Sheep at Montrose, found that the Pigs had destroyed a great quantity of My Wheat Willie Doyle Called
6th Cool and pleasant Mr E Doyle Snr dined with us. a great rise in the River last Night
7th Cool all day. Andw returned from Singleton Where He went yesterday and found that Andw Doyle had been with Mr Gaggin and tried to Circumvent Him in Renting Maryville Mr G is agent for it. A tremendous and dirty did
8th Cool and pleasant. A Mr. Haylock here and remained all Night Mrs S & Andw went to Mr Bowmans
9th Cool, some Showers during the day, Mrs S and Leslie went to Singleton. Willie Doyle Called, agreed with 4 Men to Wash and Shear Sheep. They refused to wash for less than 8 shillings per day and which Scandalous price I am Compelled to give
11th Cool and Cloudy. looking for a place to wash the Sheep in, found a place towards Evening, a great deal of mud left by the River on its Banks. A lot of the Ewe Flock left out. Walter returned from the Hawkesbury
12th Washing Sheep 3 drowned
13th Wash Sheep 3 drowned
14th Hot
15th Shearing
16th Do
17th Shearing in the forenoon Rain Thunder and Lightning nearly the whole of the Afternoon
18th Cool and a little Rain Walter & Leslie went to Singleton Mrs S & Andw went to Church Robt & A Doyle dined with us
19th Cool and Cloudy Forenoon, Afternoon Hot Andw went to Singleton Leslie returned Mrs S very ill from an attack of Dysentry
20th Very Hot Ther 90 and not a breath of Wind. Shearing distant Thunder in the Afternoon. A Tremendous Storm of Thunder and wind Commenced at 9 oclock Night an other Storm just before day Mrs S Still Ill the Wind blew down my Thermometer and broke it I fear I cannot replace it on the Hunter
21st Rain in the Morning Thunder and Rain in the Evening
22 Cloudy and very Sultry most of the day Commenced Rain a little before Sun Set and Rained till 12 at Night.
23d Cloudy, A Thunder Storm and a good deal of Rain Afternoon The River up Leslie took the Gig to Singleton but Could but Could not Cross at Mr Bowmans had to go by the Cockfighter
24 Very fine day and not too warm, Leslie returned from Singleton Andw & Fred Doyle here the River falling fast
25 Very Fine a cool breeze all day Robt & Fred Doyle Called. Mitchell left out half His Flock last Night
26th Weather the Same as yesterday, found the Sheep all right Andw Walter & Leslie went to the Races at the Cockfighter, Walters Horse saddle and Bridle was stolen from the Fence He was fast to
27th Very fine and Cool, Shearing One of the Men (Allan) did not Come
28th Weather the Same. Allan Came. Shearing. Andw and Walter went to Singleton Andw & Robt Doyle Called
29th Cloudy and Sultry, finished Shearing/Callaby a bad Shearer
30th The Same, Andw & Walter returned from Singleton a Shower and Some Thunder and Lightning in the Evening
31st Hot, finished Reaping Andw & Leslie Started for the Hawkesbury with Horses for Sale. A Cool breeze from the South East in the Evening and a number of dark Rainy looking Clouds rose

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