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John Smith of Birnam Wood
Diary 1849
Transcribed by Margaret Hardwick, 1996.
Digital version by Stephen Crawshaw, 2008.

Janr 1st The day moderate Wind from Same quarter and blowing Fresh
2nd The same Isabella Doyle here. Her Horse Ran Her against a Tree Knocked Her off and hurt Her a good deal
3rd Hot and very Windy distant Thunder in the afternoon Walter went to Singleton Isabella went Home
4th A light Shower in the Night very windy and Cloudy all day Some drops of Rain The wind S.E.
5th Blowing all day from the Same quarter. Will we never have any more fine Calm weather the wind has been almost constant for the last Three Months
6th Blowing almost a Gale all day from S.E. A great number of white fleecy Clouds Coming from the South East the day moderately Cool Commenced Thrashing Wheat
7th Very Hot
8th very Hot Wind from the West Sophia McDougal here
9th Very Windy all day and part of last Night The wind was so high the Thrashers could only work part of the day. The wind from S E dark Clouds rising in the SE betwixt between 7 & 8 oclock PM.
10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15 dreadfully Hot Great numbers of the Grapes scalded on the Vines, the Fruit Trees and vines dying fast
16th very Hot
17th Cool and Cloudy
18th The Same Sent some Grapes to Jerrys Plains did not sell well Made some wine of the injured Grapes
19th Hot part of the very windy from the S E
20th The same Jack Smith and big Bob commenced Thrashing
21st Moderately warm wind high from S E Mrs and Walter went to Singleton
22 The weather the same
23rd Warm and Calm Mrs S & Walter returned from Singleton Quantrill returned from Morpeth The wind rose and blew pretty brisk in the afternoon from the S.E.
24th Henry Bates refused to work and left my premises stating that the time He agreed for expired on Tuesday Evening I hired him on Thursday Forenoon 4th Janr. by the week Consquently His time as not up until Wednesday Night Isabella Doyle here — Big Bob refused to continue Thrashing Wheat Smith set Him at, and went of the Farm
25th Hot breeze from SE Cleaning Wheat Thrashed by Jack Smith
26th Hot the wind in the same quarter but Moderate
27th Hot all day Sent my dray to Singleton
28th Very Hot a number of Blacks here
29th Moderate
30th The Same
31st My drays Started for the Station

Feby 1st The weather Moderate
2 The same
3rd Same Warm Edward doyle here
5th Warm and windy
6th Modrate
7th Mrs Smith Andrew McDougall and Isabella Doyle went to Singleton
8th Very Hot The party returned
9th The Hotest day & Night I ever remember Mrs Smith returned
10th Cloudy and moderately Cool busy making wine The last two days
11th Cloudy and Close Andw McDougall went Home Walter took the Gig to Singleton to get it repaired
12th Warm until Evening When a very high wind from the SE brought up a mass of black Clouds and the Night was cool. Wine making all day
13 Wrote to Messrs D. Cohen & Co offering my Station and 2400 Sheep The day very Hot with not a breath of wind, Thos Andw & James McDougall here with Stock on their way to their Station
14th Very windy all day Edward doyle here William arrived from the Station late at Night
15th Hot until Evening when the wind shifted to SE A light Shower early in the Morning Finished making wine Six Hogsheads in all Commenced making Raisins The day Cool & Cloudy in the Forenoon Afternoon moderately Warm The McDougalls Started for their Station
16th The day very warm took a Bull of Mr Harpurs to pounds and paid £5-0-0 damages on Him
17th Very Hot with not a breath of wind during the forenoon finished making wine yesterday. busy making raisons to day and yesterday Made in all Six Hogsheads of wine some of the best of it was spilled. It was very hot all day and Night
19th Excesively Hot all day Thunder in the evening a Shower in the Night
20th Very Sultry a good deal of Thunder in the afternoon and Evening Some Rain in the Night Heavy Rain Commenced about 2 oclock A M and continued till 7 oclock AM The day very Sultry a light shower in the Afternoon about 3 oclock
21st Windy all day and Cloudy a light shower in the afternoon very dark Clouds at Night and a good Deal of Lightning
22 The weather moderate My sister at B Wood
23rd The same still making raisons
24th The morning Cold The day moderately warm
25th Cold and windy Isabella Doyle Thos & James McDougall G & J Bowman and Edmund Doyle at B Wood
26th The day Cold and windy From the South East Some very light Showers during the day very heavy Masses of Clouds Coming from S.E. Edward Doyle and William went to Maitland for the purpose of bringing up my daughter and Family who we expect from Port Phillip
27th Very fine day moderately warm Mr Cooper & his son Joseph here Edmund Doyle & Jas McDougall left for Singleton
28th Very Hot and no appearance of Rain

March 1st The Same
2nd Same Emma Cyrus Willm and Edward Doyle arrived from Maitland
3rd Very Hot
4th The Same
5th Ditto
6 Ditto Mr J Cooper and Mr G Bowman here
7th Very Hot Mrs Dight and William went to Mr Bowman’s Mr John Doyle at B W
8th Very Hot
9th Same Mrs Dight went Montrose, discovered that the previous night that my vineyard had Robd
10th Very Hot with a furious wind from the West all day cleaning wheat, Mrs James McDougall and Isabella Doyle here. William returned from Singleton
11th Hot until Evening When a fine Cool breeze set in from the South East altho the days and fore part of the Night for the last Four days have been Hot the latter parts of the Nights have been Cool
12th A fine Cool Breeze all day from the SE Cleaning wheat
13th Hot all day, Wind from the West Cyrus drove Mrs J McDougall Home
14th Hot wind from the West Cyrus returned The Grass on the Reserve over the Water on Fire
15th Very Hot the Grass still on Fire on the Reserve
16th The forenoon warm with Clear Sky Afternoon Cloudy and very Close Edward Doyle Edmund Doyle and Alex McDougall at B Wood Isabella Doyle went Home all the Family unwell fom severe cold an in my opinion Influenza Mrs S very ill
17 Forenoon Clear and warm Afternoon Cloudy and very Close, A fine Shower of Rain in the fore part of the Night — accompanied with distant Thunder and Lighting The Rain ceased about 10 oclock at Night Mr G P. Bowman at B Wood
18th Very Sultry and Cloudy some spots of Rain Alex McDougal & Edmund & Robt Doyle here Mrs S & Mrs Dight went to Church at the Cockfighter's Creek
19th Hot with very little wind wrote to Mr Mort to sell 100 head of cattle
20th The Same Mrs S & Mrs Dight went to Jerry's plains Andw & Robert arrived from the Station in the Evening
21st Hot with wind from the West all day Mr J Cooper here my drays arrived from Station agreed with Mr Joseph Cooper for the amount to be paid for 2500 Sheep & Station wrote to Mr T S Mort informing Him that I had sold the Sheep and Station
22 Very Hot all day
23rd The Same Mr G P Bowman called
24 very Hot with high wind from the west my drays with wool started from Morpeth plenty of dust to day.
25th Very Hot not so windy as yesterday
26 Moderate Mr Alexr McDougall Miss Ann McD. Miss Ann Doyle Miss S McDougall and Mr Edward Doyle at B Wood
27th Cool breezes from the South East all day Mr John Bowman here in the Evening moderately warm wind from the west the last three Nights Cool Mr Alexr McDougall His daughter and Miss S McDougall left B Wood —
28th Very Hot wind from the west
29th The same Robert went to Singleton. Sent the cart with some wheat to the Mill. The Tyre fell off the Wheel and Cunningham returned at Night
30th Hot all day, The Cart returned from Singleton with Flour. The Revd Mr Cooper and Edward Doyle at B Wood nearly all the Family Ill with Cough Head ache &c &c
31st Very Hot wind from the west

April 1st Hot some Thunder in the Evening and a little Rain at Night. Mrs And McDougall here
2nd Hot. Cloudy in the Evening Mrs S. Mrs McD & Mrs Dight went to Jerry’s plains
3 very Hot all day and Night Same Thunder Clouds in the Night and a few drops of Rain
4th Moderately warm a Cool Breeze From the SE in the Evening The Night Cool. Mrs M McDougall returned Home Accompanied by Mrs Dight. Mary Doyle at at B Wood /
5th The weather the same as yesterday Mary Doyle returned Home Cunningham Thrashing 6th The weather the same Cleaing Wheat Mrs Dight and Brothers returned from Singleton. 7th The same. finished cleaning Wheat Mrs Ann Doyle and Mrs Isablla Doyle at B Wood 8th Moderately warm in the forenoon afternoon Cloudy Messrs John & G. P. Bowman spent the Evening with us
9 The weather the Same all day some thunder and lightning in the Evening light Rain nearly all Night Mr J Cooper called John arrived from the Station in the Evening
10th Same Very Fine Showers today accompanied with Thunder and Lighting. Quantrill returned from Morpeth
11th Cloudy all day with a small sprinkling of Rain in the Evening Mr G P Bowman spent the Evening with us Isabella Doyle went Home
12th The Same, and no Rain in the Evening
13th Cloudy all day
14th The Same James McD & E Doyle here
15th Some very light Rain or rather mist in the forenoon Mrs Dight John Andw & Leslie went Jerrys Plains
16th The weather fine
17th Same Showers (light) and Thunder in the Forenoon in the afternoon Mr A McDougall Junr arrived from His Station on His way Home with a very bad Hand
18th Very fine not a Cloud to be seen A McD proceeded Homewards after dinner Sent my cart to Singleton for Flour
19th Cold and Cloudy nearly all day Sandy McDougall at B Wood The Mornings are getting very Cold.
20th Moderately warm
21st The same
22nd Hot in forenoon Cloudy with Thunder afternoon a very fine Thunder Shower in the early part of the Night. The Grass is Growing a little and if the Frost keeps off for a fortnight there will be some Winter Feed for the Horses & Cattle
23rd Cloudy nearly all day Wind from the West which continued all Night
24th The Same Mrs Smith went to Singleton Robert went to Maitland to sell Horses Mary Doyle Came to B Wood in the afternoon
25 The weather the Same with an increase of wind Mrs Smith & Walter returned fom Singleton
26th Not quite so windy as yesterday Mr & Mrs Cooper at B Wood
27th The westerly wind still continues the Night and Cold. The Revr Mr White at B Wood Sent the dray to Singleton with wheat to have ground Wrote to Mr Baillie informing Him that I had sold the sheep Mortgaged to the Bank and the proceeds forwarded as soon as received Andw went to Singleton, The dray returned at Night
28th The weather Still Windy tho otherwise agreeable
29 The same Anne Doyle Here
30 Weather Calm and warm in the middle of the day Andr McDougall Jnr at B Wood, (a little frost)

May 1st Day warm a good many thunder Clouds to the S. West. Isabella Doyle at B Wood Rain of Night a little
2nd Cloudy nearly all day a very light Shower in the afternoon William started for Maitland accompanied by Miss A Doyle
3rd Part of the day Cloudy (a very light Shower at Night)
4th The same
5th The same
6th The Same high wind from the South East during the last the last Three days
7th Cloudy and Cold part of the day a Good deal of wind
8th Clear and warm no wind a little Frost Mrs Dight and Andr went to Singleton
9th The Same
10th The Same
11th The same
12th Very warm for the time of the year Mr G P Bowman at B W also Isabella Doyle
13th Some Thunder in the afternoon a fine Shower in the Night
14th Cloudy nearly all day
15th Cloudy all day Robert and William Set off for Port Phillip over land John & Walter arrived from the Station. The black Boy Sandy thrown from a Horse and His Arm broken. John & Walter went to Singleton
16th Fine all day.
17th Fine and warm Andw went Gamman Plains Mrs S. Mrs Dight and John went to Jerrys Plains
18th Warm day My Sister delivered of live daugter a son
19th Cloudy with distant Thunder Mrs. S & John went to Montrose to congratulate the duke on His Increase of Family
20th Fine and warm Cold in the mornings, Mr Edward and Andw Doyle, Andw McDougall, Mrs J Wiseman and Sol. Wiseman at B W
21st Weather the Same
22 The Same Mr C Blaxland at B Wood remained all Night.
23 Weather much the Same E Doyle A Doyle & A McDougall at B Wood Cyrus returned from Station
24th Very Windy from the West with some light Showers Mrs Dight & Her Children left B Wood accompanied by John & Andw The day Cold
25th Cold Wind all day very sharp frost in the Night My sheep arrived from the Station
26 Mild all day the forenoon Windy and Cold afternoon
27th Very Cold & Windy Andr Doyle Andr McDougall E Doyle B J Bowman at B Wood
28th Moderately Warm in the forenoon afternoon Cloudy
29th Cloudy two or three Misty Showers
30th The Same, Commenced Raining about 7 oclock P M. and Rained heavily all Night John returned from Maitland
31st Same Showers during the day a heavy Shower about 8 oclock P.M.

June 1st Cloudy Andw returned from Maitland Sophy McDougall came from Kelso with Him Mrs Smith very Ill
2nd Fine all day Mrs Smith still very Ill, Leslie went for medicine
3 Fine all day but Cold Mrs S stiil very Ill doctor Glennie sent for in the Night Andr & Isabella here & staid all Night
Omitted on the Second of June Mr R Hobden recieved His Sheep,
4 Weather the Same Mrs S very Ill has been and I fear is still in great danger
5th The day very Cold and Cloudy doctor Glennie here again White frost the two mornings last
6th The day very fine M. A. McDougal from B Hills at B Wood. Sowed 18lbs of Lucerne Seed — Mrs Smith delivered of a daughter and is very Ill doctor Glennie and Mrs Butler here
7th Very fine day Mrs S and the little one doing well Miss M Doyle came here yesterday Evening doctor Glennie went home in the Gig. His Pony got out of the Paddock last Night
8th Fine day Mrs A McDougall here also Her son Andw
9th Very Cold all day
10th The Same,
11th weather the Same Mrs McD & Andw went to Jerrys Plains Cyrus went to Maitland discharged a Pig of a fellow of the Name of Kelly from my employ
12 The Same Cloudy & Cold weather Mrs A McDougall went home today. Andw drove Her down in the afternoon Wrote to Cohen & Co to know if they would take a Note at three months for the balance I owed them and enclosed a Bill for the amt with Interest at 10 per cent in all £26..12..9 Mrs Quantrill here assisting Mrs A McDougall returned Home
13th Mary Doyle went Home. The day very fine and Calm Mrs Quantrill here for a few hours Isabella Doyle here Andw & Cyrus returned
14th The weather the Same Mr G Bowman called
15th The Same mornings Frosty
16 The Same
17th The Same Mrs S and the little one doing pretty well The Shepherd Wilsturn absconded
18th The weather very fine
19th Thick fog in the morning, the rest of the warm, Enclosed 10 Half Notes of the Bank of Australia of one pound each to Cohen this was done to avoid loss The Singleton Mail having been robed on Sunday last, Isabella Doyle at B Wood also Helen McDougall
20 Morning Cloudy John, Andw Cyrus, & Walter went to the Races at Singleton Enclosed the remaining 10 half Notes to be sent to Cohen on the 21st. Mr & Mrs Cooper dined with us
21 Cloudy part of the day and a very high shower in the Evening
22nd The morning Cloudy with Fog on the Hills. Enclosed an order drawn in my favour by Mr R Hobden on Mr G Bath, Currency Loss Gr Street Sydney for £7..11..7 For D. Cohen & Co Maitland making in all £17..11..7 Sent this week
23rd Windy and somewhat Cloudy a few drops of Rain about 3 oclock P.M. The Native dog got into the Sheep pen last Night and killed two Lambs.
24th Very Cloudy and Very Cold, Isabella Doyle here and Edward Doyle. had to put the Sheep into other yards and light Fires round them
25 Fine all day Isabella Doyle went Home a good deal of wind all Night My Sister and Emelia at B Wood
26 Very fine and warm Walter took Ellen McDougall Home Edward Doyle here
27th fine warm day Walter returned
28th The day warm and rather Cloudy John, Andw & E Doyle went to Singleton Thos McDougall Sandy McD & Edmund Doyle at B Wood and staid all Night
29 Very warm for this time of the year John & Andw Started for the Station my Sister & Family went Home Mr G Bowman dined with us today. The Rose Trees are throwing out Shoots and buds as if ’twere Spring.
30th Cloudy and warm nearly all day

July 1st Warm all day
2nd The Same E Doyle at B Wood The weather lately has been like Spring and some of the Pomgranate Trees are buding
3rd Weather the Same in the day Some Rain in the Night
4 very Cold all day high wind from the West Which continued all Night a little Rain in the forenoon 5th The same
6th The Same
7th The the wind very high and Cold day & Night
8th Very Cold and Windy all day. Donald and William McDougall at B Wood and staid all Night
9th The day Calm and warm
10th The Same
11th The Same, Quantrill brought the Big Boxes &c &c fom the Station,
12th Very Cold all day and Night James Doyle here all Night Some light Showers
13th Very Cold and windy Some small Showers fell during the day wind from the South
14 Cold the wind from the same quarter Commenced Raining at dark and Rained heavily all Night
15th Cloudy a few drops of rain
16 Fine & warm Commensed Shifting the fence on the lower Farm Mr & Mrs Cooper, Mr J Doyle Snr & Mr A Doyle Jnr dined with us to day
17th The day moderately warm
18th The day warm Mr J Bowman and James Doyle Jnr at B Wood. The River began to run at this place Some time in the Night
19th Very windy and Cold
20th The Same Mr & Mrs J. Doyle Mr John Howe Mr J. Doyle Jnr at B Wood
21st Windy and Cold Sharp Frost at Night
22nd Warm and Calm all day Mesrs A & J Doyle Spent most of the day at B Wood
23rd Very frosty, The day warm & Calm
24th The Same
22nd Morning Frosty Much of the day Cloudy a few drops of Rain afternoon John and Andrew arrived from the Bandarra with Cattle
25th I think I never saw so Sharp a Frost The leaves of the Trees of the Forest were as white to their very Tops as if Snow had fallen John & A went to Maitland with Cattle
26 Fine and warm all day
27 Cloudy and rather Cold
28th Cold and Cloudy with a few drops of Rain
29th Fine all day Mesrs G & J Bowman spent the Evening with us
30 Cold wind Walter went to Musswell Brook to reclaim His Pony from Pound
31st Cold wind Leslie took the Gig to Singleton

Augst 1st Rather Cloudy & Close
2nd The Same Cyrus went to Singleton on His way to Lockinvar with two of John’s Horses.
3rd Warm for the Season
4th The Same The Shepherd lost 340 Sheep all my people out nearly all the night but could not find any of them
5th Very windy and hot all Hands looking for the Sheep without effect.
6th Commenced Raining Raining a little before day, Andw Cyrus & Walter on Horse back looking for the Sheep 333 of the Sheep were impounded at Jerry’s plains by W. Scot 4 missing The afternoon very Close and no Rain a good deal of Rain in the Forenoon Commenced Raining again about Sunset and Continued to Rain heavily all Night The River Rose so that the Sheep could not cross this morning had to pay upwards of £2..0..0 expenses on the Sheep
7th Cloudy with a few drops of Rain during the day doctor Jenkins here all Night
8th Windy all day, the wind from the west, Murphy (Wintery?), — The Shepherd absconded in the Night —
9th Sharp Frost this morning The day Clear & Warm Mr & Mrs Cooper dined with us
10th Weather the Same Mr. G P Bowman spent the Evening at B Wood.
11th very windy I went to see Mr Bowman for some Vine Cuttings in the afternoon — put the Small Flock of Sheep into a paddock to eat the weeds, Eight of them died in the Evening
11th Weather the Same
12 The Same
13th The Same
14th Weather the Same Edward and James dined with us Edward stayed all Night
15th The day rather Cloudy but warm E Doyle, James, & Isabella and Thos McDougall at B Wood and remained all Night—
16th A little Frost in the Morning very warm all day for the Season Mr W Bowman spent the Evening at B Wood.
17 Weather the Same
18th The Same a great number of Hawks about, Sometimes as many as 50 in a Flock
19th weather the same, Andw went to Maitland
20th A little Rain early in the Morning The remainder of the of the day somewhat Cloudy
21st The weather the Same but no Rain
22 The day Close and Hot a very little Rain
23rd Raining Smartly in the morning fine weather for the Wheat and young Lucern Some very fine Showers during the day Some distant Thunder heard several times in the afternoon
24th Fine all day. Messrs James McDougall Senr Andw donald & Wallace at B Wood and remained all Night Andw returned from Maitland
25th Very fine
26th The Same
Commenced Planting Vine Cuttings on the 27th The day fine and warm
28th Cloudy and Close a little Rain in the Night
29th Cloudy all day but not so Close as yesterday a great deal of Rain fell in the Night
30th very high wind from the West Some heavy Clouds a Flock of not less than two or Three Hundred Hawkes on my ploughed Land and hovering over it a fine Shower in the Night
31st The wind very high from the West and Cold Thos McD & James here all Night

Sepr 1st Very windy from same quarter and very Cold Mr James Doyle Senr and Andw McDougall at B W all Night Messrs G & J. Bowman spent the Evening with us. Mr Mrs Cooper called in the afternoon
2nd Fine all day. James McDougall & Robert Doyle dined with us John went to Singleton.
3rd The Same, Mr G P Bowman dined at B Wood P. Coss took my dray and Four bullocks to Singleton. for the purpose of bringing up some Grain that R Stretch was to bring from the Morpeth Stores
4th Weather the Same Mr Bowler came to spend a few days with us. The dray returned
5th The Same
6th Cloudy & Clear Thunder at a distance and a few drops of Rain in the Evening John went to Singleton to Complain of W. Scott but could not do no business as there was only One Magistrate a Smart Shower in the Night
7th The day rather Cloudy a Small Shower in the Night The Ground Grubs eating the Cabbage and other vegetables
8th Cloudy with some drops of Rain
9th Fine all day Mrs S & part of the Family wenr to Church
10 Cloudy windy & cold Mr Bowler left, for Maitland a few drops of Rain to day. Mrs Doyle at B Wood for a day or two
11 very windy The Family all unwell from Colds & cough,
12th windy and cold
13th The same The Native dogs got into the Sheep fold over the River and destroyed Four Lambs and bit several Sheep Isabella Doyle staying with us ’til Sunday a shower in the Night
14th Cloudy but fine and Calm Walter went to Singleton
15 Fine altho a little Cloudy Andw went to Singleton The Beam & Foot of the plough broke. The wheat looking bad for want of Rain for altho Rain is mentioned several times Hardly (lately ?) there has fallen as little of it as to be of little useful to the Growing Crops-
16th Fine fiost this morning Mary Doyle came to spend some time with us
17 Fine and warm all day. Frost in the morning Mr G P Bowman spent the Evening with us. Cyrus went to Singleton for John’s Horse.
18 The weather the the Same
19th The same only no Frost for the last two mornings.
20th Cloudy and warm John wenr to Maitland Mr Cooper at B Wood Mr Boganky came in the afternoon.
Spr 21 A little Rain in the Night and in the forenoon Very windy in the afternoon
22nd Very Windy Mr Boganky(?) started for Sydney
23rd High Wind I have always remarked that after ever so little Rain there is invariably a deal of Wind The wheat dying fast also the Graps The Revd Mr White and Mr G P. Bowman at B Wood Mr White had Service and Baptized the Child Calling Her Clara Louisa Mr W remained all Night
24th Commenced Raining about 11 oclock A M and and continued with little interuption until 9 P. M. a heavy Thunder Shower fell in the Evening this Rain will in all probablity save some of the Wheat and will make the Grass Grow also
25th Fine and Calm all day rather Cold at Night for the Season all the afternoon of the 24th was very Cold John returned from Maitland
26th The weather the Same
27th The Forenoon a little Cloudy a large circle round the Sun this afternoon windy the wind continued all Night The River rising Frost in the Morning
28th Very Windy all day Killed a Native Bitch in the Evening-Mr G P Bowman spent the Evening with us
29th Calm all day
30th Commenced blowing about 1 oclock this morning and continued blowing very hard all day this weather will soon cut up the wheat again wrote to Mr. Edwards (Sydney) directing Him to endeavour to recover from Govt. 14 or 15 Pounds I over paid of govt rent-

Octor 1st Frost this Morning. The day fine with a little Wind
2nd Frost, The day excessiveiy windy no vegitation Can Stand these winds and Frosts, The wind Hot all the Windy weather lately has been from the West
3rd Windy all day, The wind moderately Cool
4th The Same Frederic Doyle Here in the Evening weather the Same, John went to Singleton for the Gig.
6th very Hot and Still. the Wheat dying fast
7th Very Hot little wind nearly all the Family went to Church Hot all Night.
8 Windy and Hot a good many hunder Clouds about Mr Bowler came here in the afternoon and Master H. Walpole
9th Hot and blowing furiously all day The dust and sand enough to blind a Man Mowed a bit of the Lucern it was withering fast
10th Not so hot as yesterday The wind Changed returned to the active about 2 oclock and blew very Hard all the afternoon and Night the wind cool Commenced Mowing Wheat
1lth The day very Windy and cool rather Cloudy the Wind from the East
12 Commenced Raining about 2 oclock this Morning Rained a good deal during the Night and day this Rain may save some of the Wheat
13th Some fine Rain during last(?) and this forenoon cleared up about 2 oclock P M
14th Cloudy all day and mild
15th Hot in the forenoon afternoon Cloudy very windy and Cold. Cold all Night-
16th Rather winy Sky Clear wind Cold
17th Cold all Night White Frost this Morning,/ What Strange weather Mr G Bowman Spent the afternoon at B. Wood
18th Hot until late in the Evening when a Cool breeze Set in from the East
19th Hot with a moderate breeze from the west, Heard a Cuckoo Singing Half an hour before sun set
20th Sultry all day plenty of Thunder Clouds visible nearly all day. Leslie took the cart to Singleton yesterday and returned to day, with tea sugar etc etc
21st Weather the same as yesterday Mr G P Bowman Spent the Evening with us
22d Fine and warm with a breeze from the East
23d The Same
24th The Same
25th very Hot and Sultry nearly all day Same distant Thunder and a few spots of Rain a cool breeze set in from the East
26th Weather nearly the Same
27th Sultry, Thunder several times during the day Rained part of the afternoon and in the early part of the Night
28th Very Cold and Cloudy Wind from S. East and as Cold as winter Isabella Doyle came to B Wood
29th Commenced Raining about 8 oclock A M and Rained Constantly all day wind from the Same quarter & Cold, this Rain will soak the Ground
that is Cultivated ’Twil Spoil the Hay that is Cut in the Fields The Family are nearly all Ill with Influenza
30th Cloudy & dull no Rain Wind in the West.
31st Weather the Same, some rain in the Evening

Novr 1st Warm in the forenoon, a good deal of Thunder and heavy Rain in the Evening
2nd Fine in the forenoon, Thunder Rain and some Small Hail in the Afternoon, we cannot get the Hay dry that is Cut I fear it will all spoil
3rd Cloudy and Threatening Rain in forenoon, afternoon clear
4th Forenoon Clear afternoon Cloudy and a little Rain after Sun set. The Revrd Mr White had Service here at Night Messrs G P. & John Bowman at B Wood
5th Fine all day Mary Doyle went Home
6th Very Hot and Sultry in the forenoon a Complete Hurricane in the afternoon also a great deai of thunder, Lightning and a
Smart Shower of Rain a great number of Trees blown down in the woods and a number of vines in the vineyard
7 Fine but very Windy Mr James Doyle from the Hawkesbury arrived at B. Wood. The Night Cool and Clear
8th Fine. a moderate Cool breeze from the west early in the Morning was as Cold as Winter a Frost which killed a number of the young Grapes
9 Fine and Cool all day Cold at Night
10th The Morning moderately warm, In the afternoon the wind got round to the South East and blew very fresh and Cold Mr Cooper Called
11th Fine a cool breeze from the S. E. all day Mr J Doyle here Isabella dined with us. John went to Muscle Brook
12th Further the same Andw McDougall here and staid all Night.
13th Very Hot nearly all day. a cool breeze in the Evening John returned from Muscle Brook
14th Weather the same Mr & Mrs Cooper called Mr G Bowman spent the Evening with us
15 Close and Siltry a few spots of Rain in the Evening Mr J F Doyle arrived from the Hawkesbury.
16th Same Showers in the forenoon a heavy Thunder Storm about 3 oclock P M the Rain fell so heavy as to make the Creek Run. the first time I believe for 18 months Mr Bowman Called
17th Heavy Rain before day this Morning The day windy with a number of Clouds coming from the west Sent £6-2-6 Enclosed in a Letter to the B of New S Wales Mr J F Doyle and Leslie went to Singleton
18th Furious wind all day a number of the vines thrown down and some broken
19th Very fine and free from Wind the Evening Cool
20th Fine and warm Mr J F Doyle Mr E & A Doyle
21st Cool winds from the S. E. which increased to a Stiff breeze in the Afternoon. John started with Mr J F Doyle for the Bowins as a witness the Shepherd Bowin left my employ The Evening Cold
22nd Cloudy & Cool in the forenoon Afternoon Clear but very windy from S E. The frost on the 7th Inst destroyed the whole of the first Crop of Figs a one half the Quinces, this very windy weather is is killing the Corn & Lucern
23rd Weather the Same as Yesterday. the Flies are a perfect Plague to Man and Beast
24th Hot with a light Air from the west until 4 oc when when a breeze set in from S E The Thermoneter stood at 78 in the Shade at 4 oclock P M When placed in the Sun the mercury rose to 108 Finished Reaping
25th Hot & Sultry a number of Thunder Clouds in the West and S. West Mrs S & Cyrus went to Singleton Edmund Doyle at B. Wood, staid all Night
26th Very Hot wind from the West a great Storm of Wind about 8 oclock P M and a Small Shower,
27th A Complete Storm of wind all day and best part of last Night Some Rain in the Night and a very heavy Shower soon after day break this Morning the wind was so Strong that it broke a number of the Vines and destroyed a deal of Fruit yesterday was very Hot, The Ther. was up to 90 at 12 oclock today its highest range was 66 degrees,
28th Cool and Cloudy all day light breeze from West a little Rain Afternoon Mrs S & Cyrus returned
29th Hot forenoon a Thunder Storm in the Afternoon and a fine Shower
30th Calm and warm a little Rain in the Evening

Decr 1st Hot and Sultry all day a number of Thunder Clouds in the Air a few drops of Rain about noon
2nd Fine warm & Calm day Mr White & Mr G P Bowman at B wood
3rd Very warm, wind from the west
4th warm all’day the forenoon Cloudy the afternoon Hot Leslie from Singleton with the Cart
5th Very Hot day Mrs Wiseman & Son gave us a Call in the afternoon
6th A few drops of Rain early in the Morning Thundering nearly all day a very fine Shower of Rain in the Evening Which lasted part of the Night the day was Sultry
7th Very Hot Thunder Clouds at a Distance a breeze in the afternoon from the west a Tinker at work here to day
8th Hot a breeze from the S E moderate the heat a little
9th Cool and Cloudy all wind as yesterday a few drops of Rain about mid day
10th Clear & fine a Cool Breeze from S E all day Mrs ? Doyle Came to Spend a day or two with us Mr & Mrs Cooper Called
11th Weather the Same as yesterday only a little Hoter
12th Hot most of the day a Cool breeze from the S E late in afternoon. Mr F doyle arrived fiom the Hawkesbury and remained all Night Commenced Sheep washing have been delayed for a week for want of Hands
13th Very Hot all day wind from the west One Flock of Sheep that had been washed this day strayed on to Mr Harpur s Land, who put them in pound. He how ever released them without exacting the full amount of poundage & etc I allowed him a balance that stood in my book against Him
14th Very Hot wind from the west. This weather is injuring
Mr A McDougall Jun at B Wood
21st Cool wind from the South East John started with Mr J F Doyle for the Borwin to give evidence in dispute about a Station

The Grapes very much, unless we have some Rain Soon the Crop will be very Light and berrys Small a good many of the Grapes Scalded from the Heat of to day and yesterday
15 Weather the Same wind from S E in the afternoon Mr F Doyle Started for Home
16 Weather same as yesterday only Hotter, the leaves on the Black Cluster Grapes dying fast if rain does not fall in a Short the vintage will be very small indeed Mr G Bowman here in the evening
17th Cloudy most of the day and very Windy from S East Commenced Shearing: paying two shilin pur Score
18th Weather the same as yesterday, Commenced Thrashing wheat
19th Hot and Cloudy all day a good many Thunder Clouds in the afternoon a few drops of Rain in the Evening
20th Cloudy all day wind from S. E.
21st Very Hot all day wind from the West. Finished Sheep Shearing. Ther. up to 94 in the Shade
22nd The weather much the Same only a little Hotter
23rd Very Hot until 4oclock P. M. When the wind came round from the S E a good many black Clouds from the Same quarter
24th Cool and Cloudy nearly all day Cyrus went to Singleron for Xmas Supplies. Wind from the same quarter.
25th Hot without a breath of Air. Killed a large Native Dog, in the paddock last Night
26 Hotest day this, we have this summer Wind from the west A & Cyrus went to the Races at Singleton
27th Not so hot as Yesterday
28th Cloudy and Cool much of the day
29th Very Hot Some Thinder and a few drops of Rain in the Evening. The heat is dreadful. The Grape Vines and Fruit are withering fast
30th Hot in the forenoon afternoon Cloudy & Cool Wind from S E
31st Moderate a fine Cool breeze all day. The Year ending to day has been most disastrous to me. nearly all my Fruit was destroyed and a number of the Fruit Trees kill and vines injured by the very great Drought My Wheat Crop nearly a failure and reaped about 90 Bushels off 34 Acres the Maize a total failure add to this I was Compelled by the B of N S Wales to Sell nearly all my Sheep in Apl Past and as I could not get a purchaser for the Sheep without the Station that had to go also I did not get more for the Sheep in Apl than I could have had for their wool in december in fact they were So low in the Market at that time that I had almost to give them away

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