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John Smith of Birnam Wood
Diary 1851
Transcribed by Margaret Hardwick, 1996.
Digital version by Stephen Crawshaw, 2008.

Jany 1st 1851 This day another Year Commences and in taking a retrospective view of the last. I must Confess (?) it has been a Year of Sorrow, trouble, and loss to me, The day Close and disagreeable, found that Barlow had lost eleven Sheep, this is one reason for His absconding, The Summer so far has been extremely dry and windy, there has not fallen at any time a sufficiency of Rain to wet the Ground more than a few Inches deep and the high winds that always follow almist immediately done away the good effects of the Rain. To add to the Calamity occasioned by the drought, Grass Hoppers in immense numbers appeared and destroyed the little Grass that escaped the drought besides doing very great damage to the growing Crops of grain and Fruit, in fact totally destroying both Fruit and Grain in many Localities.
Jany- 2 Very Hot until Evening When the Sea Breeze set in Mrs Bowman and four of Her Family called on their way to Jerys plains. returned in the Evening Mrs. B Miss. B. and Andw & Edward remained all Night. Ther 93
3rd This day has been extremely Hot. the Theromometer. was up to 104 at 4 oclock and 100 at 7 oclock Mr Bowman Called, and Him and His Family went home in the Evening The wind was from the west and as Hot as if out of an oven Eight Sheep out of the Ewe Flock astray one died Supposed from eating some poisonous Herb
4th Hot until Evening when a Cool breeze Sprung up The black Boy away all Night. The Shepherds Box burnt in the Night a lot of Bags burnt in it Blaxland (?) & Mr Thog Wiseman Breakfasted with us on His way to the Walambi
5 Heat moderate Cool breeze in the Evening Andw & Robert Doyle here nearly all day Three more Sheep astray none ofthe Eight found,
6th Hot until Evening John hired a Man in Maitland as a Shepherd, He was to have been up by the Mail this morning. but did not Come, I Suppose He has bolted.
7th Very Hot Ther. up to 103. Some Thunder and a Small Shower in the Evening John returned from Maitland the Shepherd He hired / We hear returned towards Maitland So that I am the fellows passage in the Mail and Provisions out of Pocket. The day very Close indeed, Sent 135 lbs of Grapes to Singleton
8th Moderately Cool. Mr E Doyle played me a dirty trick respecting Some Flour I borrowed from Him however I could not expect any thing fair and honourable from such a scape brain (?)
9 Very fine and Cool most of the day last night Cold 10th Hot and very Still. Ther up to 91 The Revd Mr Hetherington gave us a call on His way to St. Hilliers
11 very Hot, and hot wind from the West. Ther. 101. There has been so much wind lately principally at Night that no dew has fallen in consequence the Vines a dreadfully cut up and the Fruit ripens inegularly for want of Moisture
12 Rather warm in the forenoon Southerly wind ( Strong breeze) Set in towards Evening and a number of heavy black Clouds rose which threatened Rain but none fell. Capt Russell Sent 15 Head of My Cattle & Horses to pound without giving me notice that He would Impound my Stock a Shoddy piece of business for a Man who Calls Himself a Gentleman to do. This is not the way I acted by Him for many, many times have I allowed his People to take His Cattle out of my yard when found trespassing and which at some seasons is almost a daily occurrence and never sent a beast of His to pound until giving repeated warning to keep them off my Land
13th Weather the Same as yesterday Mrs Bowman and Four of Her Family came to bid us farewell She returns towards Richmond tomorrow
14th Hot Wind nearly all day Ther up to 93
15th Thunder very early in the morning Thunder and a fine Shower about 12 oclock, a good deal Thunder Lightning & Rain in the Evening, This Rain will help to Ripen the Fruit.
16th Clear and windy all day. Andw Started on a visit to the Hawkesbury. The Sheep got mixed on the run and occasioned a good deal oftrouble to part them
17th Very Hot, blowing all day from the West. in the Evening the wind Cloped round to the S. E. and blew almost a Gale all night, Sent 801bs of Grapes to Jerrys Plains and only sold 43lbs — Ther 95.
18th Cloudy & Windy all day, Wind from the S. E. about 200 of Mr Bowmans Sheep mixed with mine on the run
19th The forenoon rather Cool. the afternoon Sultry, towards Evening some Thunder and a few drops of Rain a Good deal of Thunder in the Night but no Rain
20th Very. Hot. Some thunder at a distance Mr Alex McDougall removed His wethers 144 from my Flock Ther 97. Hired J Masters for 6 weeks @ 8 shillings per week
21st weather much the Same as yesterday. quite as and very Close till Evening. When a Cool breeze Set in from the S. E. Cyrus kicked by a Horse on the Breast and Hand a good deal hurt. Revd- Mr Cooper Called Andw & Alexr McDougall here on their way up the Country. Hired a Man of the name of J. Brown as a Shepherd for 3 Months Commenced making wine.
22nd Very Hot and Sultry Ther 99 A few drops of Rain Some Thunder Dr Glennie here in the afternoon a little Rain and Some Thunder in the Night. Native dogs. Killed two Sheep that were left in the Paddock
23rd Cool Cloudy day a few drops of Rain two or three times during the day 48 wethers out all last Night found them all unhurt, sent 171 lbs of Grapes to Singleton
had almost to give them away, there being such a quantity in the township from various places
24th Rather Cloudy, warm & Close. Walter & Leslie started for Maitland A Shepherd of the Name of John Brown absconded early this morning
25th A good deal of Thunder during the day. A very fine Thunder Shower in the Evening Mr Eastmune Called on His way to Singleton Asked if Mr R Hobden had concluded with Him about renting the Maryville Land. He He Stated Mr Hobden had Concluded with Him this Morning I was the more particular in my enquiries owing to Mr Hobden having ordered Leslie off Maryville about a Fortnight ago and said He would have One Penny a Head damages on 600 Sheep. This appears to have been a piece of finesse on the part of Mr H for He really had no Claim on the Land at that time. a fresh in the River,
26th The day Cool. a sprinkling of Rain two or three times during the day Revd Mr Cooper and His son Joseph Called
27 Cold & Cloudy a Stiff Cold breeze from the S. E. all day. / unwell today and part of yesterday my Health not good
28th Weather the Same as yesterday finished Thrashing Wheat. Still unwell from Bowel Complaint
29th Warm and Calm all day. Masters returned from Singleton Could only obtain one penny per lb for the Grapes He took yesterday. Revd Mr & Mrs Cooper Mr & Mrs Arndell Miss Arndell & Mr Theo, Cooper Called in the afternoon On their return from Joseph Coopers wedding with Miss Gaggin
30th Very Hot from the west, wind very Strong all day. Cleaned the Wheat and found my Crop to amount to Thirty Five Bushels and three Pecks. this is all we Could Glean from 17 Acres Who would not be a farmer in this part ! Ther 97
31st Very Windy and not too Hot Wind from S E

Feby 1st Cloudy all the forenoon. An Eclips of the Sun I first observed it about 5 oclock P M about a Quarter to Seven the Eclips had passed off I think about 7 eighths of the Suns Surface was obscured and looked like a beautiful Cresent.
2nd Fine Clear day and what is Strange for this Summer not much Wind either yesterday or to day.
3rd very Hot. Ther up to 99 in the Shade, Mr Gaggan Sol & Jane Wiseman, Andw, Isabella, Fred, & Rob, Doyle, here best part of the day.
4th As Hot as any One would wish. Ther up to 102 in the shade not much wind the little we had was as hot as if it Came out of a well heated furnance Miss Gaggin and Her brother Charles here 30 Sheep left out by the Shepherd Russell.
5th Dreadful Hot Ther up to 104 at two oclock P M and Continued at that til Sun Set 88 at half Past 9 at Night wind nearly North & very Hot
6th The Heat very great Ther 104 at Three oclock In the Sun 126 at 10 oclock P. M. 94 Mr John Bowman Spent most of the day with us. (Wind as yesterday) The black boy Sandy ran away and took the little dog Prinny, with Him Some Sheep astray. Kewbank found them
7th Not so Hot as yesterday Ther, 99 Sent 22 Bushels of Wheat to the Straw Mill Singleton to ground into first & second Flour. The last five days have been so extremely hot that three fourth of the Grapes are Killed before they were ripe and the leaves of the Vines are many of them as white as paper Andw Doyle here
8th day moderately warm
9 Cool and pleasant. A fine Thunder Shower in the Night A rained heavily upwards of an hour 10th Very Cool and Cloudy Some distant Thunder in the Evening but no Rain
11 Cloudy & pleasant, rather too much wind. Wind from the South East, Sent the cart to Singleton with Grapes, The driver Masters returned late at Night Drunk. Sold only a Small portion of the Fruit and did not acct for part of the money
12th Fine Cool day very little wind John went to black Creek yesterday, Walter went to Singleton to day
13 Warm without being oppressive My Sister Called on Her way to Maitland for the benefit of Her health John & Walter returned
14th Rather Hot Kewbank lost half His Flock after hunting all the afternoon we could not find a single Sheep
15th Hot and Sultry, all day, found Mr Bowmans Kangaroo dogs destroying my Sheep that the Shepherd left out yesterday Walter caught the dogs in the fact and killed one of them 18 of my Sheep were killed 13 badly bitten Mr John Bowman thought fit to Come over and insult me because my son killed His dog I believe it would not have occasioned Mr J Bowman one moments regret had His dogs destroyed every Sheep I possess He is Certainly a most Selfish being.
16 Some fine Showers to day and a good deal of Thunder the day was Close and warm
17th Cool & Cloudy a few drops of Rain about 12 oclock Mr G P Bowman Spent part of the Afternoon with us
18th Cool and pleasant my two Shepherds Kewbank and Russell absconded last night or early this morning taking a Sheep dog of mine and a weeks Rations with them Heard they had gone
Janry 31st Very Windy and not very Hot most of the Wind from the S E
18th gone towards Watsons, John & Cyrus went to Watsons in the Evening to try and apprehend the fellows but could not fall in with them.
19th Cloudy most of the day, but very Windy from the S. E. Andw returned from the Hawkesbury in the Evening
20th Some fine Showers to day and a heavy Shower at Night John & Walter went to Singleton to attend a Sale
21st Cloudy & Cool, received a letter from Port Phillip informing us that my daughter was safely delivered of another Son and that both Mother & Child are doing well. Walter returned. John remained with His aunt until Mr McD retums from Mr Howes Station Whither he went on hearing that Thomas had been thrown from His Horse and much hurt.
22nd Weather much the Same. Hired a Shepherd (Ford)
23rd A little Rain twice during the day. Andw went to Singleton returned Could hear nothing of Tho McDougall
24 Weather fine and Clear
25 Fine and Cool Mrs Smith Started for P Phillip Cyrus went with Her as far as Morpeth
26th Weather the Same
27 & 28th the Same

March 1st Fine there has been a little Rain during Some of these days
2nd Very great Storm of Wind Some Thunder a Small Shower of Rain and Some Hail Stones
3rd Cyrus retumed weather fine and Calm
4 Weather the Same Leslie went to Singleton we tried to Plough yesterday but could not the Ground was so hard the Plough would not touch it we tried four parts in the Field but could not open a furrow
5th Very Windy nearly all day Leslie returned
6th Windy but not so much as yesterday the wind we have had for the last few days has been from the west Mason one of Mr Bowman’s Shepherds Says there was a Sharp Frost at His Station a a few Nights since which destroyed His Pupkins this Station is only a few Miles from this Place
7th Windy and warm 530 of my Sheep were Impounded by a Man of the name of Quantrill for Merely turning on to His Land in fact they hardly crossed His boundry, this fellows Cattle has been trespassing on my Land fot the last Three Years and I never Impounded them and I have lent Him working Bullocks, Harness and various other things, for which acts of kindness I am well rewarded.
8th Hot, and not a breath of wind ’till Sun set when a breeze Set in from the S E Ther 86
9th Hot wind from the West and plenty of it ’till Sun Set when a Cool breeze set in from S E
10th Hot but not as Hot as yesterday Andw & Thos McDougall went to Jerrys Plains and returned in the dusk of the Evening
11th Weather about the Same as yesterday
12 Sultry and Cloudy, in the afternoon a good deal of Thunder Lightning and a Small Shower at this place a heavy Shower pass across the Flat
Flat it commenced Raining thick and fast about 10 oclock P. M. and Continued
without intermission the whole Night John, Andw, & Walter Started for Bundarra for the purpose bringing down fat Cattle
13 Rained ’till about half past 9 oclock A, M, the remainder of the day Clear and warm with a light breeze from the West.
14th Warm and rather Windy Cyrus went to Singleton to buy Flour, bought 800lbs from Mr Craddock at 12 shillings & 6 pence per hundred lbs
15th Blowing from the West furiously all day the night Cold for this time of the year
16th Forenoon warm and Calm Afternoon very windy. I never felt more lonely than I did this day no person being on the farm but my self and the Sevt. Woman
17th Very Hot and no wind. Commenced Ploughing the Ground very hard in Spots The Rain has not pentrated to any depth
18 Warm and Calm all day
19th Weather the Same as yesterday
20th The Same
21st The Same
22 A thunder Shower during the Night and a good deal of thunder and Lightning the Rain at Singleton was very heavy Rises Creek running four feet deep hereit was only a Moderate Shower
23rd Warm and Sultry all day
24th Cloudy Seperated the Wethers from the Ewes 480 Lambs, bought a lot of Fish. very Ill all Night with Rheumatism in the Head Face and Neck my Neck swelled very much and I suffered great Pain
25 Cold, and windy, a few drops two or three times during the day. The Ground is so hard that tis almost imoossible to Plough it my Arms are so painfully tired at Night that I can scarily lift my Hands to my Head
26th Cold and a good deal of wind three or four Small Showers during the afternoon the wind has been from the S East lately
27th Close and Cloudy nearly all day some Small Showers in the Afternoon This day is my birth day and I have this day Solmonly Sworn that I will not make use of any Intoxicating Liquers for Three Months from this date, When I take a retrospective view of my past Life I find it has been a Life of Severe toil hardship and disappointment Every speculation I ever entered into for the benefit of my Family turned out a failure and I am now at Fifty Eight years of age compelled to Labour for my Bread. Had the Seasons been more favourable I should have been in a better position but the excessive droughts of late years has almost ruined numbers in the Upper Hunter Another Cause of my present dificulties was my becoming Bondsman in £400 for a Person Who was totally unworthy of my Confidence
28th Hot and Close
29th Fine day niether too warm or windy Mrs G P Bowman Dined with us
30th Warm and Still Cyrus went to Singleton for the Gig and to bring up some Candles
31st Hot & Sultry all day Some Thunder and Lightning in the Afternoon Cyrus returned about 2 oclock

April 1st Very fine day finished Ploughing a piece of Ground that had not been Ploughed for 4 years
2nd Very Hot for the time of the year Ther. up to 85 Cyrus was told that Mary Harpur was delivered of a son yesterday The Ground was so hard that we were obliged to leave off attempting to Plough it in fact we could do no more than Scratch it.
3rd Very Hot the Ther up to 91 Hot wind from the west. Chas- Gaggin at B Wood all night
4th Cool, Wind from S E and a good deal of it
5th Moderately warm and very little wind.
6th Very pleasant and agreeably Cool.
7th Some very Small Showers mre like mist than Rain Cyrus & Leslie went to Muswell Brook for a Colt but did not get Him Walter returned from the Bundarra 350 Sheep came Home
8th Fine Clear warm day. Cyrus started for black Creek to bring up John’s Horse
9th Warm nearly all day, Cool in the Evening Wind from S. E. Miss Gaggin and Her Brother John with us for a few Hours.
10th Weather as yesterday. Cyrus returned with John’s Horse from Black Creek.
1lth Warm all day, Walter went to Singleton to see Doctor Glennie John & Andw returned from the Bundarra bringing a lot of Fat Cattle.
12th Weather the Same as yesterday killed a bullock that came from the Bundarra He was very poor
13th The Same John & Andw Started with their Cattle but returned about two oclock having left One Beast behind
14th Hot and Sultry, Some Thunder in the Evening and a Small Shower John & Andw made a final Start Cyrus & Walter went to St Heliers for Rams 15th Cloudy part of the day. Mr, & Mrs Robertson Called and remained for a Short time.
16th Cloudy and a few very Small Showers during the day. Cyrus & Walter returned bringing 15 fine wooled Rams
17th Weather the Same as yesterday. Put the Rams to the Ewes, being four days earlier than last year.
18th Warm and Mild. The Native Dogs are so troublesome that that they Come under the Cedar Trees Close to the Dam and the Kangaroo Dog Pilot plays with them nor will he allow Smoker to touch them.
19th Weather the Same Cyrus went to Singleton to buy Flour paid 18 shillings per 100 lbs for best second Mr Eastmune Called and remained all I thought the Native Dogs would have Stormed B Wood last Night they were howling in all directions I have not heard so many since Peacocks Bull died 16 years ago. I sent for Some Strychrine and hope to poison Some of them
20th Warm all day, the last two Nights rather Cold and Foggy in the morning early
21st The Same, The Dog Pilot away with a female Dingo, in the Night
22nd Warm aand Still, Pilot still away with the Native Dogs- Poisoned Some meat for the Dingos
23rd Warm & Sultry, Cyrus & I marked the E & West Line of Parmenters Farm yesterday. Leslie went went to Singleton tried to Plough in another part of the Field but could not Suceed the Ground two or three Inches below the Surface is as hard as a Stone very Cloudy in the the Evening and a few drops of Rain
24th Cloudy all day. A Small Shower at Night Ploughing a Small piece in the Garden
25 Cloudy all day, there has been a deal of Cloudy weather lately but I am Sorry to Say no Rain at least not as much as would wet a Blanket
26 Cloudy in the forenoon Clear and warm Afternoon Walter went to Singleton
27th Cloudy nearly the whole Day, Walter returned
28th Cloudy in the forenoon, Commenced Raining about 12 oclock and Continued to Rain Constantly and part of the time heavy ’till l0 oclock at Night the Creek towards Jerry s Plains rose a good depth of water had Some trouble to get Sheep over, Mr & Mrs Thos Wiseman & Family Called on on their way to the Wolombi
29th Cloudy most of the day. Sowed eleven Acres of Wheat

May 1st Cloudy and a little Rain towards Evening two teams at work one harrowing the other Ploughing. (Ploughing to day)
2 Cloudy and several light Showers during the Day, Went to Mr Hobdens and bought 15 Bushels of Wheat at 7 Shillings per Bushel and 7 Bushels purchased from Mr H a few days since makes in all twenty two Bushels.(Rather unwell from Cold and Cough.) A person of the name of Pitman presented a kind of Pr Note I gave Quantrillon the 7th of March. at One Month after Date
3rd Cloudy in the forenoon, fine bright & Clear Afternoon, Willie Doyle here, Fred Doyle also,
4th Clear fine day. Mrs Chas Harpur Dined with us
5th Warm fine day, Upwards of a hundred Sheep left out last Night, found all but 15 Some of those we found bitten by Dogs
6 Warm and Clear began to blow about Sun Set and blew furiously all Night from the West found Five Sheep Killed by Native Dogs Eleven Ewes absent
7th Very high wind all day and what is singular for the month of May a hot wind, found on Second Counting there are 14 Ewes Missing
8th Rather windy, the wind Cool not like the wind yesterday. Still Ploughing
9th Same wind to day. Robert Doyle at B Wood and Stayed all Night. The Shepherd says He found Three Dingos dead in the Bush from the effect of Poison.
10th Weather the Same as yesterday finished Harrowing Four Acres of Wheat making Eleven Acres in all
11th Rather Cloudy nost of the day. Cyrus Shot a wild Turkey on the lower Farm.
12th Very thick Fog which lasted ’till about 9 oclock the rest of the day very Hot for this time of year Isabella, and Willie Doyle Dined with us Cyrus received a Letter from P. Philip inviting Him to take Charge of a Flour Store for C Dight at Melbourne. Cyrus intends accepting the offer.
13th A Smart Shower in the Morning early, Several little Showers during the day. Cyrus went to Singleton to purchase Some Clothes prior to His trip to Melbourne as wearing apparel Can be bought Cheaper here than at P Phillip. A good deal of distant Thunder at different times and in various diretions during the day
14th A good deal of distant Thunder during the day Sandy ran away whilst minding the Sheep with Walter up Split Gully. The day Close & Warm
15th Thundering at intervals the whole day. a Shower in the Evening. I hear it Rained in torrents at Singleton and I think a great deal between this place and Mr Bowmans.
16th Cloudy and a few misty Showers. Andw returned from the Hawkesbury in the Afternoon having performed the journey in two days
17th Hot in the forenoon Afternoon Showery. finished Ploughing Wheat Land, in all Sixteen Acres. Robt Doyle here, Andw & Cyrus went to Singleton.
18th Cloudy. The Shepherd took ill and left the Sheep with a Strange man in the Bush, found them all Safe in the Evening
19th Cloudy most of the Day. Sowed Four Acres of Wheat, which finishes for this year making in all Sixteen Acres of Wheat Isabella Doyle Called on Her way Home Andw found the runaway black Boy Sandy at Singleton and brought Him back again
20th Very thick Fog until 9 oclock, Cloudy ’till 12 oc. warm & Clear Afternoon.,
21st Same Fog in the morning which soon Cleared off, the rest of the day, beautifully fine Leslie went to Singleton to post Letters
22nd Very fine and Clear, Willie Doyle here Leslie returned from Singleton
23rd Weather the Same, Ploughed for Walter
24th The Same, a Mr Ballreres here, called on an (Balliars) envitation from John Sophy & James McDougall Called & Stayed all night on their way to Jerry s Plains
25th Clear and bright in the Forenoon, Afternoon Cloudy, My Sister and willie Doyle here in the Afternoon
26th Fine and Clear all day, a good deal of wind from the west Mr Ballairs Left this morningit appears this man is an impostor who is traveling about and living how He Can He imposed on Some of the Inn Keepers of Singleton prior to Coming to B Wood
27th A little Frost in the morning the rest of the day fine and warm, Several Persons Started from Jerry’s Plains for the Gold Diggings and Mr Ballairs formed One of the party
28th Sharp Frost this morning, which killed the Pumkins vines, The dicovery of Gold in the Bathurst Country has occasioned a Great Sensation all over this part of the Colony Some parties have set off from Maitland for the Gold region
29 Frost and windy day & Night yesterday and to day. Finished Ploughing for Wheat & this Season
30th Windy the whole of the day, Sowed the boys Wheat 4 Acres, received letters from John who is at B. Hills, giving a splendid account of the Success of the Gold Diggers. A Small Shower about 9 oclock P. M.
31st Very Cold bleak day, a Small Shower in the afternoon a great deal of wind from the West.

June 1st Fine Calm day. Mr John Robertson Called and remained all Night.
2nd Weather the Same as yesterday. The Revd. Mr White Called and Spent a few Hours with us. Sent 14 Bushels of Wheat to the Mill to be ground, Walter went to Singleton
3rd Rather Cloudy, Robert & Willie Doyle here Doctor Glennie Called & had a chat on the all engrossing topic the Gold Field and the probable results that may be expected from it.
4th Very Sharp Frost, The dray returned late in the Evening with the Flour &c &c Commenced Pruning Vines-
5th Sharp Frost. the day fine and warm, The working Bullocks not to be found, Mr John Robertson Called
6th Cold in the morning but no Frost Andw & Cyrus went to Singleton Mr G. P. Bowman Called
7 Dull Cloudy morning the rest of the Day Clear and Calm Andw & Cyrus returned from Singleton Sent yesterday two Hides a bunch of Sheep Skins (35lbs) and a cheque on the Bank of Australasia for £2.0.0 to Mr J Brackmrig Farmer of West Maitland
8th Very thick Fog, Cloudy nearly all day Robt Doyle here
9th Cloudy all day and it looked like rain Andw & Cyrus started for the Diggings, and took 3 months Supplies with them. Received a Letter from John informing me He had set off for the Gold Field also in Company with His Uncle William Four of the McDougalls and young Ardah. I believe they intend Digging on my Brother Roberts Land
10th Very Cloudy, furnished J. Quantrall with a bill for the Hire of Bullocks and for Harnss lent to Him which he never returned Sandy ran away whilst we were at Breakfast, taking a New Rug and the Gig Cover with Him, Commenced raining about 12 oclock and Continued without intermission til Eleven oclock at Night. The Rain was not very heavy but a good fell during that time
11th Showery all day, Cleared off at Sun Set
12th Fine sun Shiny day Mr Crofton bought a Summon from Bailey on out of the Note I gave Quantral.
13th The day fine
14th Very Windy cold and disagreeable the Whole day, A Smart Shower in the Night. The Revd Mr Cooper, and Mrs Cooper Called Leslie went to Singleton for Leather 15th A miserably Cold Windy and Cloudy Day Leslie returned with the Leather Kingsbury’s Man did not Call for it. although He promised to bring it from Maitland.
16th Such another day as yesterday, Wind blowing Furiously from the west. The Native Dogs or dog, got into the Sheep pen last Night and Killed two Ewes and a young Lamb, and bit Three Ewes very Severely
17th Same kind of weather. Cloudy and Cold Strong wind from the west day & Night. Walter went to Singleton. took 17 pairs of Boots to Mr. Crofton viz. Eight pairs of Neat Boots Calf Skin Fronts Nine of well made Jup (?) Boots and also to buy Some Leather if possible
18th Rained nearly all day the weather very Cold Walter returned from Singleton dropted a Side of Leather out of the Gig and went to look for it at Night but could not find it. Fine Rain in the Night
19th Blowing furiously all the day and Night & very Cold I pity the Travelers to the Gold Diggings
20 Blowing but not so much as yesterday Walter found the Horse duke. He has been astray for upwards of Six weeks. Received a Lerrer from William, and one from John.
21st Frost this morning a good deal of wind during the day Walter took the Gig to Singleton for Leather and window Glass
                                                from Mr Crofton
22d Weather the Same Walter returned ^ brought 3 doz pairs
23d Cloudy and Cold most of the Day.
24th Frost, Walter went to Singleton to defend my case with Bailey and won it unless Quantrall tries again next Court of rquests
25th Frost, the day Clear and warm, very little wind
26th Very Severe Frost, the day warm & bright.
27 Remarkably Severe Frost, Leslie went to Singleton
                                                         Him for £2.14.0
to try and Sell Walters Pony at Auction and Sold ^
28th Cloudy in the morning, Clear the rest of the day
29th A misty Shower early in the morning Cloudy and dull all day heavy masses of black Clouds rose in the East, or S. East in the afternoon. Commenced Raining about Sun Set and rained heavily and without intermission the whole Night, I am of opinion that more rain fell last Night than than fell in the Same time for the last three years.
30th Rain very heavy and without one minute pause the Whole of the day and Night, the River rising fast, more water in the Horse paddock than I recollect for a number of years. poor Sheep and Horses you are in a bad way. the Rain falls So fast they will not look for a Mouthful. I find my House is not unlike John O Groats, neither wind tight nor water tight, the Plaster is falling about Our Heads wind blew furiously all Night
31st Raining very fast till about 10 oclock When itCeased for a while, all the Basby (?) under Water, it reached to the Vineyard Fence there has not been so much Water in the paddock Since the Flood 11 or 12 years ago it has now Rained fast and with Ceasing for 40 Hours a few Showers after ten oclock but not much Rain fell. a deal of wind, the Clouds breaking and Clearing away towards Evening. The Sheep look miserable

July 1st A few Small Showers to day, The River higher than it has been for 72 years past, nearly the
2nd A few drops of Rain two or three times to day Mr R Hobden here, The river falling fast
3rd The Same as yesterday. Forgot to mention that I Heard on the 2nd Inst. of the deathof my Brother Robert’s Wife, formerly Mrs McPhelemy. She died on the 12th of June
4th Fine all day.
                                                                      to buy of. coat
5th Weather the Same. Walter went to Singleton ^
6th A few drops of Rain towards Evening Mr G P Bowman here in the afternoon Walter returned and brought home a Coat which He bought from His Aunt Sophy, it was a good deal worn and quite too small the good folks of Kelso rubed Him down the back and told Him What an excellent fit it was.
7th Most of the day Clear, Cloudy and a few drops of Rain late in the afternoon Walter returned. Mr Theo Cooper Called
8th A good deal of Rain to day. One of my best Rams (wide Horns) died last Night Mr R Alcorn here for a Short time.
9 Very fine bright day, not a Cloud to be Seen
10th Weather the Same as yesterday. Hired Man of the Name of John Wilson as a Hut Keeper or Shepherd for 12 months at the rate of £19-0-0 per annum
11th Went to Singleton and made a fool of my self Returned on the fourteenth, The Weather Cold and bleak
14th Weather the Same received a Letter from John & One from Andw giving a poor acct of the Gold Digging
15 very Cold wind all day
16th Weather the Same as yesterday, It has been blowing a gale day and Night from the West for the last four days
17th Weather the Same bought a fat cow from old Peach and had to pay Him £2.3.0 for Her
18 Weather the Same a Shower just before day and Several Showers during the day. Weighed the Cow I bought from peach Wt 620 lbs. very good Beef. We had about 40 lbs of Fat from Her Mr Eastmune Called on His way from Jerry’s plains a good deal of Rain and Some Lightning in the early part of the Night
19 Stormy and a few light Showers in the forenoon A Thunder Storm and very heavy Rain afternoon Several Showers during the Night and a deal of wind these Gales of wind are from the West
20th The day fine and very little wind Mr R Hobden departed this life this morning about 10 oclock in the 63rd Year of His age He was an honest well meaning Man. Walter went to Singleton The River rose greatly during the afternoon
21st The weather the same as yesterday. only a little Frost this morning walter returned from singleton. Received a Letter from Mrs. Smith the first She has Condesended to write Me since Her departure from this place nearly Five months ago. also a Pound Notice thru the post that one of my Horses and one of Andws are Impounded at Muswell Brook
22d Cloudy and looked very like Rain all day Walter and Leslie went to Muswill brook and released and brought Home the Horses Impounded at that place
23d Same Small Showers went to the Funeral of the late Mr Hobden
24th Same Showers to-day and a good deal of wind
25th Most of the day Cloudy and dull went to G. Lodge to transact business as One of the Excutors of the will of the late Mr Hobden
26 The early part of the morning Cloudy and Cold the rest of the day Sun Shiny and warm
27th Very Sharp Frost this morning. The day Calm and warm Willie Doyle here. The River rose pretty high on Friday night last and is not down yet
28th Cloudy Cold and bleak in the forenoon afternoon Clear and warrn, went to G Lodge on business
29th A Cold Cloudy day and a good of wind. Sent £2 "0 "0 and a bullock hide by Mr Gibs to Mr Brackenry the Farmer Leslie went to Singleton Miss Alcorn & Her Sister Called
30th Fine warm day Leslie returned, bought a side of Kip for which He paid 2 shilling & 10 pence per lb just double the price it was six weeks since
31st The day warm with a good deal of wind from the West Mr. Mestan Spent the afternoon and all Night with us. He is very well informed Sensible, Conversable Man and a pleasant Companion.

Augst 1st Fine warm. The Ewe flock Came home without the Shepherd Mr R Hobden here on business a good of wind from the west.
2nd Cold bleak day Some very light Showers, The Shepherd did not return. Spent the whole day writing and doing business at G Lodge Walter went to Singleton and returned in the Evening. A good deal of Lightning during the forpost of the Night
3rd Very Windy the Whole day, The Shepherd not returned I suppose the fellow is off to the Gold Field
4th Not so windy as yesterday,— Gibs returned bringing Mrs Smith’s Trunk, Box and Some other articles the Flour He says taken from the Stores by Kingsbury, Commenced Ploughing amongst the Vines, the Bullocks break a grcat many of them I must however put up with the loss as I cannot hire a Man for a day nor at any price The labourers are all at the G Diggins
5th Very Windy, a little Rain and some lightning in the Evening. brought seven Ewes and a Ram from Mr Hobdens they been runing there some time 6th Very Windy almost a gale the whole day Some Thunder, Lightning and a Shower of Hail in Bowman Called the afternoon Mr R Hobden Called on business, Mr G. P.
7 Calm and warm Mr Eastmune dined here Walter Started in the Gig to Maitland for the purpose of bringing Home His Mother
8th A very severe Frost, a Thunder Storm and a heavy Shower in the afternoon Mr Eastmune here
9 Very Windy the Whole day a little Frost this morning
10th Fine Claer day but rather Windy The Native dog or Dogs got into the Sheep fold and killed three Sheep a frost this morning Mrs Smith returned after an absence of nearly Six months
11th A beautiful day. Warm Clear and no Wind Fred Doyle here and staid all night
12th Warm and bright in the forenoon Afternoon Cloudy a little frost
13 Frost forenoon wann Some Rain in the afternoon Walter went to Singleton & returned at Night Revd Mr Cooper here received a letter from John formin the My Boys and their Parrty (?) are so far unsuccessful in their gold Digging opperations
14 Frost, the day warm Old Mr Bowman and his son George at B Wood George spent the Evening with us
15th Sharp frost, The day fine and warm Christy and Leslie went to Singleton for to bring Home 1000 lbs of Flour Which Came from P Phillip
16th Thick Fog this Morning the rest of the hot and Sultry a number of Thunder Clouds in all directions, The dray returned bringing the Flour &c &c Mr & Mrs Cooper here for a Short time. Troubled with Headach all day
17th Sultry and threatening Rain Leslie returned Andw and Fred Doyle here. (Unwell last Night and part of to day from severe Headache)
18th Weather the Same as yesterday. Received Letters from Andw & Cyrus and am sorry to add they have been unsuccessful so far at the Diggings but they anticipate better luck in future.
19th A good deal of Rain plenty of wind and some distant Thunder. Pretty well Laughed at to day for endeavouring to find my own property, but not succeed. (much troubled with Headache)
20th Very Stormy all last Night and all day a few drops of Rain in the afternoon. The day very Cold. ( Head continues aching very much)
21st Moderate warm and very little wind. Mr Eastmune and Mr Hobden here for a Short time.
22nd Cloudy and Some Showers during the day The River ran a little and ’twas with difficulty we got the Sheep to this side Mrs S and Walter went to Jerrys Plains. Young Gaggin dined with us.
23rd Cold and Cloudy most of the day. doctor Glennie and Charles Gaggin here A Shepherd of mine (Ford) refused to take out his Flock unless I gave Him 20 shillings. Which was not owing to Him at the time and such is the scarity of Men owing to the Gold Fever that I was Compelled to Comply with His impudent demand.
24th Fine day and not much Wind Mr G P Bowman Spent the afternoon with us Mrs A McDougall and Child arrived in the Evening.
25th Cold and a good deal of Rain which Lasted all day
26th Cold and windy and a good deal of Rain early in the day, did not Rain much after 9 oclock Walter went to Singleton to the attend the court of Requests in a case T had against Quantrill
27th Fine day only a few Clouds visible Leslie drove His Aunt Home in the Gig and intends Staying to See the Races. The late Mrs Alcorn was buryed yesterday. Mr & Mrs Cooper at B Wood
28th Windy all day. Walter returned from Singleton
29th Tremendous Wind all Night and the Whole day Walter went to the Races
30th Windy but not so violent as yesterday Walter and Leslie returned from Singleton Bringing Ellen McDougall with them
31st Weather the Same only much more windy

Sepr 1st Cloudy nearly all day, a little Rain in the Evening
2nd Windy the whole day. The Wheat and Barley look well Vines beginning ti bud fast
3rd Very Windy/ furiously so indeed/ Mrs E Doyle and two of Her Sons and One daughter here. Ford the Shepherd went to the Doctor
4th Sharp Frost. The day warm and Calm Shepherd did not return
5th Very warm for the Season, brought home two cows that had calved
6th Weather the Same as yesterday Walter went to Singleton in the Evening
7th Warm and rather windy E.R. and W. Doyle here
8 Fine and warm, very windy in the afternoon
9th Furious Storm of Wind Which lasted the whole day two Ewes Lambed to day three or four days before their time Sandy McDougall here. Hired a Shepherd of the Name of George Wilson for Six months at the rate of Twenty Pounds a year
10th As windy as yesterday. Mr R Hobden Called witha Notice that two of my Horses were impounded from Harrowfield Mr G. P. Bowman here in the Evening Received a Letter from Cyrus giving a prom account of their success at the Diggings
11th Not So windy as yesterday R & F Doyle here
12th Very windy and Hot. Ther up to 80 in the shade Walter took Ellen McDougall Home Mr R Hobden here on business with the Estate
13th A Complete Hurricane all the afternoon the forenoon moderately Calm Sandy McDougall Came up to Stay the Night with us. The Ewes Lambing fast
14th Very Windy the whole day and all last Night Sandy McD. went home and Sophy Came up with Walter The very high winds are beginning to injure the Wheat
15th Weather the Same Mr G. P. Bowman here in the Evening
16th Furious Wind all day and dust enough to blind a person
17th Wind the Same as yesterday Andw Doyle here in the Afternoon If this dreadful Windy weather lasts for Ten days longer the wheat in this part will be destroyed.
1Sth Not quite so much wind as yesterday. Charles Gaggin Called and remained all Night.
19th Very Calm and warm Mr & Mrs Cooper & Mr Eastmun Called
20 Warm Some wind in the aftemoon Mr R Hobden and Mr Eastmun here on business, Had Letters from John & Andw and am happy to find John is making money fast and that fortune has moved in favour of my hitherto unlucky Gold diggers they are now doing well
21st Weather the Same as yesterday Rob Doyle here and remained all Night
22nd Weather much the Same, Some dark Clouds in the afternoon and a good deal of wind. the wheat Suffering much from the Wind and want of Rain
23rd The most tremendous Wind and dust I ever saw Went to the Polling and Singleton voted for Mr Bowman returned the Same day
24th Very Windy bought a Heifer from Mr Hobden and killed it. Price £1 "0 "0 Wt 464lbs
25 Not quite So Windy as yesterday New Moon to day and not the least appearance of Rain I fear the wheat will all be destroyed in this neighbourhood
26th Fine and free from Wind Mr Meston Called and Staid the Night Some Clouds in the Evening and Lightning in the S. East
27th Some Thunder a little before day, in the Afternoon a Couple of Small Showers. The Revd Mr White dined with us on His way to Muswell Brook
28th Fine and warm all day Robt & Willie Doyle here this is the Third day free from Wind which is almost a phenomenau.
29th Weather the Same only a thick Fog in the morning
30th Cloudy most of the day and a good deal of wind Mr R Hobden here on business

Octor 1st Fine warm day and almost free from Wind
2nd Almost a frost this Morning the rest of the day Warm with a little wind
3rd Hot, Some thunder Clouds in Afternoon James Doyle here Mr Eastmun here on Business
4th Hot and Sultry Thunder Lightning and a little Rain in the Evening Mr Eastmun & R Hobden here on business , Fred Doyle here and remained all Night
5th Hot and rather windy
6th Cloudy and Close Some distant Thunder and Lightning in the evening when it Commenced Raining and Continued a dine Steady Rain the whole Night Isabella and Fred Doyle Breakfasted with us
7th Rained without interruption the whole day and until 9 or 10 oclock at Night making about 27 Hours of Constant Smart Rain, This Rain altho late in Coming will be the means of Saving Some of the Wheat Crop
8th Cloudy all day no Rain last Night Cold for this time of the year.
9th Cloudy nearly all day My Sister, & Robert and Mrs Gaggin here, Cold at Night. Blacks Cutting Bark
10th Fine warm day. Mr Gaggin here and remained all Night. The Blacks Brandy & George Cut 60 Sheets Bark
11th Heavy Dew in the Morning Close and Sultry a Thunder Storm Afternoon, A heavy Shower Mixed with Hail towards Evening. a Shower in the Night also, Mrs Smith & Leslie went to Singleton by Mr Dight’s The Creek through the paddock running a little this rain will bring the Wheat on that is not too much injured form the drought
12th Cloudy nearly all day and very Cold towards Evening the Night Cold almost a Frost
13th Moderately warm during the day Night Cold Mrs & Leslie returned from Singleton
14th Morning very Cold the rest of the day warm Fanny Doyle Came to Stay a few days with her Aunt. Had Letters from the Turon My Sons are doing well
15th Cloudy & Sultry nearly all day Leslie started for Maitland in the Gig for the purpose of Hiring a Sevt Woman
16th A light Shower or two in the Forenoon, Rained moderately and constantly all the Afternoon and Night
17th Very fine warm day, & almost free from Wind.
18 Hot until Evening when a Sea Breeze Set in from the S. E. which effectually Cooled the Air Charles Gaggin dined with us
19th Weather the Same but no Sea Breeze in the Evening The Native Dog got into the Sheep fold and Eat two Lambs and bit 12 or 14 Some of which will die
20th Very Hot. Fanny Doyle went Home received a Letter from Cyrus giving a good account of their success in Digging Gold
21st Hot a good deal of Thunder & Lightning and a few drops of Rain towards Evening a Complete Storm of Wind My Sister and Mrs S went to Singleton Willie Doyle accompanied them. Poisoned the Dingo last Night.
22nd Cool & pleasant. My Sister and Mr Ch Harpur dined with us Mrs S & Mrs Harpur Came up in the Gig
23rd Rather Cool the Evening Cold Some of the Bitten Lambs died Poisoned two Eagle Hawks A Ewe died over the River Mr Harpur & Fred Doyle and Emily here remained all Night Walter went to Singleton put an order to Mr Kingsbury to bring a bag of White Sugar from Mr Dickisons
24th Cool, Some thunder and Lightning in the Evening, and a few drops of Rain Mrs Harpur Emilie and Mr Harpur went to Jerrys Plains-
25th Moderately Cool The day pleasant and Calm
26th Hot and Sultry rather Cloudy in the Evening
27th Cloudy nearly all day, a little Rain early in the Morning Mr S Dight Mrs Jat Doyle, and Mrs E Doyle and Willie Doyle at B Wood Walter took the Gig to Singleton for Sheep Shears Rum &c &c
28th Thunder and a little Rain in the forenoon Afternoon a Thunder Storm which Continued at intervals nearly all Night. I am the only One since living on the Hunter Seen such a Complete deluge of Rain, it fell in Sheets. The low grounds in the Paddock flooded, The Barley Covered in toto The Water Reached in the young Vineyard to the 5th Row of Vines, The River here rose 6 feet perpendicular and the Creeks were higher than I have ever known them, with one exception only
Walter and Leslie went to Singleton in the afternoon to bring Home Walters black Mare
29th A great deal of the Fence washed down by the Rain Last Night. The day fine
30th Fine and rather Hot.
31st Hot. Received the melancholy information of the death of my Brother James Who I believe died on Tuesday. the 28 th Inst leaving a Wife and Nine Children What they will do I am at a lost to tell as I am aware of their means of Support being very limited Walter went to Singleton & retturned Fred Doyle here for the Horse & & Gig to Convey Mr & Mrs Harpur to Muswell Brook Mr John Bowman Spent the Evening with us.

Novr 1st Cloudy and Some distant thunder in the Forenoon Afternoon several Storms of Thunder and very heavy Rain Which Continued till Midnight We have had to much Rain lately, for I perceive rust making its appearance in the Wheat. A black fellow brought a swarm of English Bees which I bought from Him
2nd Cloudy and remarkable Cold all day the River as thick as mead a great deal of Rain fell last Night.
3rd Not So Cold as yesterday River rising fast Walter went to Singleton to see the doctor Leslies Grey Mare Stolen, taken out of the Wheat Paddock the Tether Roap taken with Her, She is no doubt on the way to the Farm. Charles Gaggin here
4th Weather much the Same as yesterday. Heard that my poor unfortunate Brother was killed by his son in Law, Who Struck Hin on the Head with an Iron Bar
5th Cool, wind from S E and Cloudy in the Afternoon Leslie found His Mare on the Run She had not been Stolen. A good deal of Rust Coming in the Wheat. This weather is injurious to the wheat Crop
6th Cool and a few drizzly Showers. Niether Shepherd nor Sheep Came Home I Suppose the Man has got astray
7 Weather the Same. The Shepherd brought Home the Sheep all safe, He could not find His way home over Night, Not very well to day Suffering from Headache and giddiness
8 Moderately warm Andw McDougall here and remained all Night. A vast number of Small black Catterpillers amongst the Wheat they Eat the Grain, boring Holes through the Chaff
9th Hot and Sultry, Ther up to 85 in the Shade Received Letters from John & Andw and also One from Willie from the Gold Fiels at Melbourne
10th Thunder, and heavy Rain nearly all day, and a deal fell in the Night, two youths Came here about 8 oclock at Night, Hired a Shepherd of the Name of Foord Crow for Six months at the rate of 20 Pounds per year.
11th Fine day Stiff Breeze from the west a good deal of the Wheat Laid by the Rain & Wind bought a Cow from Mr R Hobden for £1-10-0
12th Rather Hot wind the Same
13th Warm and Wind from the ’till about 4 oclock Afternoon When a Strong breeze set in from the S East weighed the Cow I bought from Mr Hobden Wt 550lbs
14th Cloudy the whole day James Doyle here in the afternoon Mr Eastmune dined with us
15th Cloudy most of the day a little Rain in the forenoon Leslie went to Singleton in the Gig Mr Eastmune dined with us
16th The atmosphere had a singularly hazy appearance this morning, altho Clear below the Sun looked as if Shining through a Fog and the Hills all round looked as if a misty Rain was falling on them. About 8 oclock A M a breeze Set in from the west when the Air Seemed as if mixed with partils of Fog- the haze continued all day notwithstanding a very Strong Wind a Shower towards Evening, Andw Doyle here for a Short time Leslie returned from Singleton bringing a Bag of Sugar which Came from Dicksons.
17th Rather Cloudy a few drops of Rain in the Evening Insects of One Kind and another are in Millions and are injuring the wheat The Small Catterpillars and an Insect that Smells like a Bog are the most destructive to the Wheat
18th Weather the Same Quantrill Called and wanted me to Come to a Compromise with Him, told Him His Wife Could have the amount due Her for Washing and Butter (12 shillings) whenever She thought proper to demand it and also that --- Leslie had told Her She Could have the money when She Sent for it. Mr & Mrs E N Doyle dined with us Walter went to Singleton
19 Very Hot ’till about 10 oclock A M When it began to Thunder and a great deal of Rain fell during the remainder of the day Walter returned from Singleton and says Rises the Creek was nearly impassible
20 Warm and very Windy. Commenced Reaping wheat Mrs S & Leslie went to Jerrys Plains
21st Weather the Same, Hired Redmond the Failar to Reap and was Compelled to give 20 shillings per Acre
22nd Warm not quite so windy as yesterday Mr & Mrs E N Doyle at B Wood and remained all Night Mr Andw Doyle also
23rd Warm and nearly free from Wind Mrs S & Walter went to Singleton Mr & Mrs Doyle and Andw Doyle departed from B Wood Mr J Robertson here and remained all Night
24th Hot and rather windy Mr E N Doyle Mrs & Isabella Doyle at B Wood
25th Weather the Same E D & His wife departed for Singleton Mr G P Bowman Spent the Evening with us Received a Letter from Cyrus Stating that Andw & He would be down fom the Diggings about the 1st or Second of Decr next
26th Very Hot. Hot wind from the West Ther up to 98 in the Shade Cloudy in the Evening and all Night
27th Very Hot Some Thunder and a few drops of Rain in the Evening. Hired Three Blacks to Reap to pay them 1 shilling & 6 pence per day and their victuals
28th Hot in the forenoon, Andw and Cyrus arrived from the Turon both in good Health, Having Cleared about 100 ponds each. A violent Storm just before Sun Set The Creeks rose so high as again to wash away a a good deal of Fence
29th Cloudy and Cool all day Leslie went to Singleton
30th The Same as yesterday Robert Doyle here for awhile

Decr 1st Hot day Leslie returned withe the Gig broken
Deyr 2 Hot. Ther up to 90.
3 Cloudy most of the day Rain and Thunder in the afternoon Leslie took the Cart to Singleton for wine &c Walter went to look after His Horse
4th Very Hot, a Fog in the morning, Commenced drawing in Wheat, a Sizable Thunder Syorm in the afternoon and a great deal of Heavy Rain I fear the Stack we were building is wet to the bottom
5th Several heavy Showers during the day A Flood in the Creek again the Fences again Carried away blacks Cutting Bark, John’s Horse in pound at R. P. Hill
6 Cloudy in the forenoon afternoon very fine and warm had to pull down the Stack it was wet to the bottom. A Fresh in the River Sheep Cannot Cross My sister is very Ill and has been here for Some days
7th Fine Mrs S & Andw went to see my sister Wrote to my brother Robert who I hear is in very bad Health Mr Eastmun dined with us on his way to Mr Hobdens Robert Doyle here in the afternoon Ther up to 90 in the shade
8th Hot all day Cloudy and Some distant Thunder in the Evening Commenced Raining in the Night My Sister getting better, Ther up to 92 in the Shade
9th Cloudy and a few drops of Rain in the morning, the day fine and middling Cool Leslie went to Singleton and returned The Blacks finished Reaping Walters wheat and went away saying they will return on Friday
10th Hot, Finished drawin the Red wheat and bought one load of White wheat to top the Stack with
11th Hot, Ther up to 90 Leslie went to Singleton for Rum &c &c for the Sheep washing 3 Black Men have engaged to assist at Washing 3 white men who promised to assist have forfeited their promise
12th Very Hot, Ther up to 90 at Sun Set must have been up to above 100 Some time during the day. Washed the Ewe Flock, very Short Handed One of the Blacks walked off Past Night I suppose He did not like Sheep washing Mr & Mrs Cooper at B Wood
13th Very Hot washed 1000 Sheep did not finish ’till dark Andw McDougall came up in the Evening only had One Sheep drowned, a Ram, yesterday
14th Very Hot, Some Thunder in the evening but No Rain. Walter very bad with Sandy blight is in very great pain Andw went to Singleton to get something to relieve Him Had a Letter from Emma, William has obtained 74 oz of Gold in one month equal to £223, this is good work for Himself and two Men
15th Very Hot Wind all day Ther up to 101 Mr R Hobden here on business Walters Eyes Still very bad
16 Hot, Ther up to 100, doctor Glennie Called and left some medicine for Walter. The Blacks promised to Come and finish my reaping, but they have disappointed me this time
17 Cloudy and moderately Cool. My sister and Fred
                                                                      him very much
here part of the day, Andws Horse fell and hurt ^
18th Forenoon Cloudy Afternoon Hot Commenced Shearing Leslie went to Singleton was abused by the Kearny’s insulted by them yesterday Isabella Doyle here and remained all Night
19th Cloudy most of the day Andw Suffering from the fall from the Horse Hired two of the McLoeds to help to Shear
20 Cloudy and light drizzle of Rain early in the morning the remainder of the day very Hot
21st Very Hot, Walter went to Singleton, Andw McDougall here and remained all Night
22nd Hot the Whole of the day Ther. 98 Walter returned from Singleton and brought the melancholy inteligence of my poor Brother, Roberts death my brothers are going fast two departed this life within two Months
23 Very Hot. Ther up 101 The Heat is very great
24th Hot and Sultry Ther 99. a good many of the Grapes Scalded with the Heat
25 Weather the Same as yesterday it has been oppressively hot for the last five days Thos’ McDougall Andw McD. Isabella Doyle & Fred here and remained all Night
26th Very Hot, Hot wind from the west Ther, up to 104 Andw, Cyrus, Walter and Leslie, the two McDougalls Alix Doyle and Brother went to Singleton
27 Dreadful Hot Ther. 101. A furious Storm of wind in the afternoon Some Thunder and a few drops of Rain a Shower in the Night, My Sons returned from Singleton except Andw
28 Commenced Raining Some time last Night Showery all day, Rained heavy about Sun Set and Continued without intemrption the Whole Night Robert Doyle here and stayed the Night.
29th A few Showers (light) during the day Mr R Hbden here on business, Cyrus, Walter and Leslie went to Singleton invited to a party at Mr Jas McDougall’s
30th Hot and extremely Sultry, The air felt more like Steam than Common Air, one of the most furious Storms of wind and Rain I ever exp*** numbers of Limbs of Trees broke off and several Trees torn up by the roots or broken off Close to my premises, The Creeks were Flooded in a few Minutes and the River rose so as to render the Crossing the Sheep over rather difficult. Fred. Doyle here all day and remained all Night Walter returned, The Forest about here looks like a Wreck Limbs and Leaves are Strewed in all directions
31st Fine pleasant day allthrough, Andw Cyrus & Leslie returned Sophy McD. Isabella D, Andw Robert & Fred at B Wood, Alexr McDougall likewise

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