John Elder


 BORN 1813 in NSW.

NSW Birth Record V18133165 1A/1813

 BAPTISED 25 July 1813 at St. Johns, Parramatta.
 DIED 1879 in Sydney NSW.

NSW Death Record 129/1879

 FATHER James Elder (1772-1836)
 MOTHER Mary Smith (1788-1861)
 MARRIED Mary Anne Dede (1814-1903) in 1845 at St John’s Parramatta, NSW. Link 

NSW Marriage Record V1845236 30B/1845

@ St John’s C of E, Parramatta
 CHILDREN   Herbert J Elder (1848-) Link 
 Mary Elder (1850-) Link 
Henry J S Elder (1852-)
Francis Rowling Elder (1855-1931)
Amy E Elder (1857-)
Alice M Elder (1859-)

Became a minister of religion. Married his sisters. Several generations of Elders were Rectors of St John’s, Parramatta.

The press reports on Ordination of Clergy:

After the usual service of the day at St. James’ on Sunday last, the Right Rev. Lord, Bishop of Australia preached a sermon appropriate to the duties of those inducted to the ministry of the Church of Christ, according to the pure and unsophisticated doctrine and practice of the Church of England and Ireland. This was preliminary to the affecting ceremony which followed, in the presence of His Excellency the Governor, and the greater part of the congregation.

His Lordship the Bishop, assisted by the Rev. Messrs. Cowper, Allwood, and Clarke, after the accustomed tests of loyalty to the Church and State, administered to the aspirants the necessary oaths — laid hands upon them, and solemnly ordained them to their respective offices of Priests and Deacons. To us, there was something intensely afflicting in the appeal to the congregation to make an instant, but secret, and individual petition to our Father in Heaven, on behalf of these new followers and ministers of the cross.

The gentlemen ordained were, Mr. Kemp, of Joh. Coll. Cam., into Deacon’s orders; the Rev. Mr. Vidall, B.A.; and the Rev. John Elder, into full Priesthood.

We congratulate the Colony on the circumstance of the Rev. Mr. Elder, being a native of the Colony — we know that he enjoys the highest degree of consideration in the opinion of his superiors in the Church — and we hope from this precedent that the means will soon be opened to the ambition of the Australian youth in every branch of the learned professions — especially we hope to see Schools of Anatomy and Medicine in Sydney qualified to give, first instruction, and afterwards authority, to Colonial aspirants.   Link 

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