Philip James Luntley jnr


 BORN 21 February 1834 at Bread st Hill, London, Middx, England.
 DIED 13 September 1896 at 52 North St, Scarborough, England. Link 
 FATHER Philip James Luntley (1794-1853)
 MOTHER Mary Jane Lister (1809-1886)
 MARRIED Sarah Coupland (1851-1940) on 5 July 1869 in Methodist Chapel, Scarborough. Link 
 CHILDREN   Philip James Luntley (1869-1930)
 William Henry Luntley (1871-1937)
 Mary Jane Luntley (1872-1914)
 Josiah John Luntley (1873-1937)
 Herbert Lister Luntley (1874-1941)
 Arthur Ernest Luntley (1875-1943)
 Sarah Hannah Luntley (1876-1953)
 Thomas Edward Luntley (1877-1938)
 Eliza Ann Luntley (1879-1879)
 Harold Albert Luntley (1880-1950)
 George Washington Luntley (1882-1941)
 Henrietta Alice Luntley (1883-1883)
 Emily Jane Luntley (1888-1980)
In 1871 Philip was a pork butcher and aerated water manufacturer in Scarborough
An aerated water manufacturer in 1881
A musical instrument dealer in 1891.
He had (at least) seven sons and three daughters.

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