Charles Hilton Dight


 BORN 1813 near Richmond, NSW.

NSW Birth Record V18137562 1C/1813

 DIED 9 October 1852 at Yarra Falls, Vic.
 FATHER John Dight (1772-1837)
 MOTHER Hannah Hilton (1782-1862)
 MARRIED Emma Maria Smith (1820-1853) on 19 August 1845 at Hunter, NSW.

NSW Marriage Record V1845131 77/1845

@ Presbyterian Church, Hunter District.
 CHILDREN   Hamilton Hume Dight (1846-1880)
Emma Elizabeth Dight (1848-)
George William Dight (1851-)
 Carol Hilton Dight (1851-)

It is recorded that, with his brother, John Dight, Charles took up land at Albury c1837. The brothers went to Melbourne and built the first water mill, called The Ceres, on the Yarra, in a place now known as Dights Falls. It was completed by August 1841 and converted to a company when hit by depression. Dight was a member provisional committee to consider a gas company 1850; vice-president Port Phillip Farmers' Society 1851; Elected MP in Nov 1851; Foundation Chairman of the Victorian Gold Escort Company 1852. Died 9 Oct 1852 at Yarra Falls. Note that he lent money to his father-in-law.

This website says that John Dight trained with John Smith to be a millwright.

Newspaper report of Death:
Our readers would doubtless feel as much shocked yesterday in reading, as we did in publishing, the notice of the premature death of poor Mr. Dight, of the Ceres Mills. Few men were better known, and fewer still as generally liked and respected. Mr. Dight was a very old resident in this neighbourhood, and a native of Australia. He was taken ill on Saturday fortnight, his complaint commencing with a violent bilious attack, upon which a low fever supervened. He died on Saturday night, at 11 o'clock. The burial will not take place till tomorrow morning, as it is to await the arrival of a brother from the Murray, for whom an express has been sent up. Mr. Dight's bluff, hearty, and affable manner made him friends on all sides, representing as it did a kind and honest heart, and the news of his unexpected decease has caused quite a shock to a community, in which he has acted a very steady, consistent, and creditable part. The death of Mr. Dight has caused a vacancy in the Legislative Assembly for the very important constituency of North Bourke.

Marriage: The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser 23 Aug 1845
Death: The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser of Wednesday 27 October 1852, copied from the Melbourne Argus of 12 October, 1852.

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