Lina Lister Tom


 BORN 1866 at Orange, NSW.

NSW Birth Record 12397/1866

 DIED 12 March 1933 at Sydney, NSW.  Link 

NSW Death Record 681/1933

 BURIED at Goondiwindi, Qld (service in Chatswood, NSW)  Link 
 FATHER William Tom jnr (1823-1904)
 MOTHER Susanna Sarah Lister (1830-1890)
 MARRIED Richard Hugo Treweeke (1877-1919) in 1901 at Blayney, NSW.

NSW Marriage Record 8848/1901

 CHILDREN   Betty Treweeke (1914-1940)

MALC recalls [2003]:

There was a mighty man of wealth named Treweeke who lived on a large estate near Goondiwindi. He married Lina Tom — cousin Alby’s sister. Alby, whom we knew, was the son of the Tom who found the gold. Auntie Ida, being a relative, was invited to Goondiwindi to act as a lady help. I used to hear a lot about Lena Treweeke when I was young. She travelled overseas for pleasure when such a thing was very rare. I heard how she had been to the Arctic Circle and seen the Aurora Borealis. This was really something in those days.

RHC recalls [2007]:
In later years, Lina lived with her daughter in the Cremorne area and used to visit Dot Crawshaw.

Four SMH reports on death & will:
Death notice:
TREWEEKE — March 12, 1933 (suddenly), Lena Lister Treweeke, of 23 James-street, Chatswood, widow of the late Hugo Treweeke, Umbercollie, Goodwindi. (Q)

Legal Notice — 7 July 1939
IN THE SUPREME COURT OF NEW SOUTH WALES—Probate Jurisdiction.—No. 188567.
In the Will of LINA LISTER TREWEEKE late of Chatswood near Sydney in the State of New South Wales. Widow deceased.—Notice is hereby given that the Sixth Accounts in the above estate have this day been filed in my office Supreme Court House Elizabeth Street Sydney and all persons having any claims on the said Estate or being otherwise interested therein are hereby required to come in before me at my said office on or before Friday the 4th day of August 1939 at 10.30 o’clock in the forenoon and inspect the same and if they think fit object thereto otherwise if the said accounts be not objected to the same will be examined by me and passed according to law. And notice of the said Accounts by the Court Commission will be applied for on behalf of ERIC ROY DUDLEY STINSON and TOM UNDERWOOD two of the executors. Dated this 5th day of July in the year 1939 CHAS. E, BUTCHART (L.S.), Registrar. MINTLER, SIMPSON & CO. Proctors for the Executors………

Mrs. Lena Treweeke late of Chatswood, widow of Richard Hugo Treweeke left an estate which has been sworn for probate at £54,730. By her will Mrs. Treweeke appointed the Union Trustee Co. Mr. T. Underwood of Llandenny, Queensland and Mr. D. Stinson of Mosman, to be executors and trustees. She devised certain real estate to Lina Buttle, Kathleen Roadknight, and Alfred Tom, and bequeathed the residue of her real and personal estate to, including all property in respect of which she had power under appointment of her late husband, to the trustees in trust to set aside as follows:— (1) £10,000 for the benefit of her daughter Betty, with a gift over for her nephews and nieces; (2) £4,000 for a life estate for her sister Mary Tom, with gifts over to relatives to £3,000, and as to £1,000 to Dalmar Children’s Home, Carlingford; (3) £4,000 for a life estate for her sister, Annie Tom, with power of appointment; £4,000 for a life estate for her brother, Alfred Tom, with a power of appointment; (5) £800 for a life estate for Laura Tom, of Orange, with power of appointment. Testatrix then directed, payment of certain pacific legacies, amongst these being of £500 to each of the nephews and nieces, £1,000 to Eric Tom and £2,000 to Tom Underwood. The remainder of the estate goes to nephews and nieces in equal shares, with some directions as to a trust in favour of one nephew and his wife. Testatrix added: All the foregoing legacies, devises, and bequests are subject to an express condition that if any beneficiary mentioned shall be or become a member or intermarry with a member of the Roman Catholic Church the legacy, devise, and bequest in favour of such individual shall be void, and shall fall into and follow the destination of my residuary estate, but to the exclusion of any residuary legatee not of the Protestant faith.

Lina Lister Treweeke of Belle-gowrie, Chatswood, who died aged 66 years, on March 12, 1933, left an estate in New South Wales, valued for probate purposes at £54,720 and she appointed the Union Trustee Company of Australia, Ltd., Tom Underwood of Unandenny, near Gooniwindi, Queensland, grazier, and Dudley Stinson of Mosman, public accountant, executor and trustees. After making certain substantial bequests to relatives and friends, Mrs. Treweeke directed her trustees to set aside £10,000 and pay the income from investments of that amount for the benefit of her adopted daughter, Betty, during the latter’s lifetime. Mrs. Treweeke left the residue of her real and personal estate for the benefit of nephews and nieces, according to express provisions contained in the will.

The Brisbane Courier-Mail of 16 March 1934 said Lina Treweeke left £39,967 in her will. Possibly this was her Qld estate.

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