William Tom jnr


 BORN 23 November 1823 at sea off Point Disappointment, Tasmania.
 DIED 3 July 1904 at the Dingeon, near Vittoria, NSW.

NSW Death Record 8624/1904.

 FATHER William Tom (1791-1883)
 MOTHER Ann Lane (1796-1870)
 MARRIED Susanna Sarah Lister (1830-1890) on 21 June 1851

NSW Marriage Record V185114 85/1851.

@ Wesleyan Methodist Church, Bathurst/Hill End.
 CHILDREN   William Henry Tom (1853-1919)
Lister Albert Tom (1854-1931)
Arthur Sebastopol Tom (1855-1927)
Alfred Tom (1857-1933)
Mary Ann Tom (1859-1936)
Louisa Adeline Tom (1861-1932)
Annie Lister Tom (1863-1865)
Lina Lister Tom (1866-1933)
Charles C. Tom (1868-1868)
Annie Theresa Tom (1869-1949)

Discovered gold at Ophir 1851 with brother James and (future) brother-in-law John Lister.

Pastoralist. With father and brother Tom owned Huntawong, Tom’s Lake and Belangarambke on the Lachlan and two stations in Gippsland. Sold them to Jimmy Tyson.

Uncle William was born at sea during a great storm, and was badly afflicted with St. Vitis Dance. He was perhaps the cleverest man of the family — a genius with tools, dabbled in Science, and was one of the Gold Discoverers. He had a liking for writing to the Newspapers, and was a well-read entertaining man. He married a Miss Lister.
      — Nephew Jim Tom

William Tom Junior developed into a quiet young man who was clever with his hands and adept at mechanics and carpentry. He spoke with a nervous stammer, reputed to have been a legacy of the hurricane that almost claimed the Belinda a few days prior to his birth. His mother’s nervous condition throughout the ordeal supposedly became a hereditary affliction passed on to her unborn baby. William Tom Junior usually remained at Springfield, assisting with the construction of interior fittings while his other brothers took cattle interstate.
      — John Rule, in Cradle of a Nation

William Tom, Papers on the discovery of gold, 1876-1884, Manuscript ML MSS 1149, State Library of NSW.

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