Matthew Lister

 BORN 1700
 FATHER William Lister snr
 MARRIED 1 Frances Mannel on 4 February 1727 in St Michael, New Melton.
 CHILDREN   Catherine Lister (1728-)
 Mary Lister (1729-) (died young)
 Dorothy Lister (1729-) (died young)
 Mary Lister (1730-)
 James Lister (1731-)
 Jane Lister (1732-)
 Dorothy Lister (1734-)
 William Lister (1736-1798)
 Matthew Lister (1737-)
 Frances Lister (1738-)
 MARRIED 2 Elisabeth Thorp on 7 May 1743 at St Leonard’s, New Malton, England.
 MARRIED 3 Frances Thompson on 28 December 1751 at St Leonard’s, New Malton, England.

Grocer & Merchant.
Admitted to freedom of York by patrimony in 1732-3; Alderman in 1749; Mayor in 1750.
Acquired estate of Heigholme Hall, Leven, nr Scarborough in 1742-3 and 1750-2.

Matthew’s will refers to a property called Hayholme which he left to James, and in turn James’ will refers to this property…

Matthew had four surviving children mentioned in his will: William was left a half share in the house in which he lived at New Malton as well as an interest in two other properties and items of silverware. I think he was the younger son, as James was made sole executor, but that may have been because he was an attorney. There were two daughters, Dorothy wife of Jeremiah Coultas who had a daughter called Frances. The other daughter was Mary Griffith, who may have been a widow, no mention of a husband. The other legatees were Mathew’s sister Mary Sands and her son Lancelot (both lived in Ireland) no mention of a husband, and his grandson Mathew who was mentioned after James, and must have been his son.

Matthew was pretty well off, he was a grocer and may have been a brewer as he left his brewing vessel to William. No occupation is given so he is probably retired and left the running of the business to William. He left a large amount of silver to his family as well as furniture, a clock, a horse, chaise and harness as well as the four properties he owned.   Link 

— Margaret Hardwick

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