Susannah Pymble


 BORN 1806 in Herefordshire.
 BAPTISED 29 April 1806 at St Dubricius (St Dyfrig) C of E, Hentland, Herefordshire.
 DIED 2 November 1889 at Cargo, NSW Link 

NSW Death Record 11276/1889

 BURIED Woodstock, Cargo, NSW
 FATHER Philip Pymble jnr (1773-1832)
 MOTHER Susannah White (1773-1851)
 MARRIED John Hardman Lister (1803-1850) on 30 June 1827 at St Mary Whitechapel, London, England.
 CHILDREN   John Hardman Australia Lister (1826-1890)
Susanna Sarah Lister (1830-1890)
Elizabeth Lister (1832-1899)
Henry Lister (1836-1838)
Annie Caroline Lister (1838-1906)
Thomas Sydney Lister (1840-1920)
Frederick Joseph Lister (1842-1928)


It would seem Susannah accompanied her husband, Captain John Hardman Lister, on five of his voyages between England and Australia, first visiting NSW in 1830 at the age of 24; her second child being born in Hobart near the end of this voyage. The family settled in Australia in 1838, initially, it seems, in Macquarie Place where her husband had a shipping office. They had family and friends in Sydney, particularly Susan’s uncle Robert Pymble, who migrated as a free-settler to Australia in 1821. He was a silk merchant — the Sydney suburb of Pymble was named after him. A sister Mary Pymble (m. Sadler) emigrated to Australia but returned to England.

In 1846 John and Susannah took over Robin Hood & Little John hotel at the top of Rocks Hill near Bathurst, NSW. After her husband's death, The Widow Lister bought a small hotel (The Wellington Inn) near Guyong ( Listers’ Inn). This would have been about one stage farther on than the fateful inn at the top of Rocks Hill. The site of the inn (no longer extant) is now on the property Godolphin, very near Byng. Hence the Widow’s son and the Tom boys grew up together. Edward Hargraves visited the family here and is said to have seen gold or a gold-bearing rock on Parson Tom’s mantelpiece. The gold rush that started in 1851 caused Susannah to prosper in her hotel. Susannah loved flowers according to one source. [JCC 1998]

Watercolour believed to be by Susan Lister.

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