Selina Jane Jones Tom


 BORN 28 August 1835 at Springfield, NSW

NSW Birth Record
V1835247 155/1835.

 DIED 14 September 1929 in Brisbane, Qld.

Qld Death Record

Selina Jane Jones Webb
William & Ann
 BURIED Bathurst Cemetery, NSW.
 FATHER William Tom (1791-1883)
 MOTHER Ann Lane (1796-1870)
 MARRIED Edmund Webb (1830-1899) on 18 January 1854 at Springfield. (Double ceremony with Thomas and Emma)  Link 

NSW Marriage Record V1854371 85/1854.

@ Wesleyan Methodist Church, Bathurst/Hill End.
 CHILDREN   Edmund Tom Webb (1855-1925)
Aubrey Thomas Webb (1856-1865)
Selina Helen Webb (1857-1949)
Sydney William Webb (1859-1940)
Catherine Emma Webb (1861-1941)

For many years, Hathrop, one of the beautiful homes of Bathurst, New South Wales, was renowned for its generous, kindly hospitality, and the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Webb, who owned it, were legion. Since Mr Webb’s death his widow has found Queensland’s skies more attractive in the winter than those of her own State, and this year the has spent some months at Redcliffe. As it is warmer in Brisbane still than in Sydney, Mrs. Webb has lingered and so has celebrated here her 90th birthday, away from her relatives, from whom, as well as from friends and fellow-workers of yore, many loving messages of congratulation have been received. In honour of the occasion Mrs Edgar B. Harris entertained Mrs. Webb at afternoon tea yesterday … [29 August 1925]
— The Brisbane Courier

The death has occurred of Mrs. Edmund Webb, who played an important part in the development of the western districts of New South Wales. Born at Springfield, 26 miles from Bathurst, in 1835, she was for more than 60 years closely identified with the life of the west. Her father came to Australia in 1829, and settled at the Fish River, near Tarana, subsequently moved to Springfield, at which place he obtained a Crown grant of 640 acres, in virtue of his having discovered and occupied that part of the country. Mrs. Webb used to tell how her father and brothers would travel out west, and take stations as they required them on the Macquarie or the Lachlan, and move stock to them according to the exigencies of the season. Her brothers, James and William Tom, took a prominent part in the discovery of the Turon goldfields, and were rewarded eventually by a Parliamentary grant of £1000. From early life and up to the time of her leaving Bathurst, subsequent to her husband’s death, Mrs. Webb was keenly interested in the social and religious affairs of that district. Going to Brisbane to enjoy the milder winter climate, Mrs. Webb died there on Saturday last, at the age of 95 years. She was buried at Bathurst, on Tuesday. Her husband predeceased her 30 years ago. [19 Sep 1929, corrected 20 Sep 1929]
— SMH Obituary

The funeral took place at Bathurst last week of Mrs. Selina Webb, widow of the late Mr. Edmund Webb, M.L.C, Mrs Webb died at Southport, Queensland, and the body was brought to Bathurst for burial in the Methodist section of the Bathurst Cemetery. The late Mrs. Webb was born at Springfield, near Orange, 94 years ago and was the daughter of Rev. William Tom, familiarly known in his day as Parson Tom, whom many old hands claim, was the first discoverer of gold in this country. In 1854 she married Mr. Edmund Webb, then a rising business man. The greater part of her married life was spent in the Bathurst district. As the mistress of Hathrop the handsome home (now St. Vincent’s Hospital), which stands as a monument to the late Mr. Webb’s taste and enterprise, Mrs. Webb was known far and wide for her charitable disposition and for her religious and social activities. Till her departure from Hathrop her home was always at the disposal of religious and philanthropic organisations for meetings in furtherance of their objects, and she played a prominent part in these gatherings.

Sharing her husband’s civic activities, Mrs. Webb was Mayoress of Bathurst in 1866, 1868, 1875, 1876, and 1877, while she and Mr. Webb donated £200 towards the erection of the Town Hall. She was also associated with her husband in early activities connected with the founding of the School of Arts.

Mrs. Webb to the time of her death was interested in the Western Warehouse, in George Street, established by her husband many years ago. Some time after her husband’s death at Parkes in 1899, Mrs. Webb. transferred her residence to Gordon, on the North Shore line. She paid many visits in Bathurst, and about two years ago took a motor trip through the district. She was on a health trip to Queensland at the time of her death. She was a pioneer in the real sense of the word, for her energies were invariably devoted to laying the foundations, and promoting the growth of organisations and institutions having for their objects the uplift of the community.
— The Land Obituary


Grandfather’s daughters all married young. Emma and Selina married two brothers, Edward and Thomas Webb. Mary married John Smith of Gamboola; Helen, George Tempest; Annie, Gustavus Glasson. They were dear women, great home lovers, fond of children and were very hospitable. Selina and Annie were very pretty. Aunt Selina lived over 94 years.
— Nephew Jim Tom

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